Space-saving Tower Kitchen by Philippe Starck for Warendorf

Combining an innovative concept and unusual elegance, this kitchen is designed by Philippe Starck who is renowned for creating compact kitchens among other stunning interior equipment and decor items. The Tower by Starck for German manufacturer Warendorf is a study in elegance and functionality. Just like its name suggests, the kitchen design is based around three magnificent “towers” that hold the entire kitchen in them! Astonishing as that sounds, the design intended for homes short on floor space and for clients looking for something out of the ordinary, the Tower kitchen is the perfect new millennium solution for urban homes.


Highly flexible, highly functional and highly individual, the kitchen that comprises of three elements offers users an unprecedented amount of space-saving without asking them to give up on any of the functionality that a regular kitchen layout requires. With two stand-alone tower-shaped elements and a smaller standalone sink unit, the Tower Kitchen comes with adequate space for all kinds of food and utensils as well as regular kitchen appliances and accessories. Thanks to an incredible vertical design, each element in the Tower takes up just one square meter of floor space! Fitted on three sides of each tower are doors that allow the users to access integrated appliances such as the fridge-freezer, the dishwasher, the microwave, the steam oven and the oven. The forth face of the Tower consists of a plain board that can be used to draw on, leave notes on and used just like the front of any family refrigerator.

The Tower may seem endless since it extends almost to the kitchen’s ceiling, though they are super flexible on the inside and revolve 360 degrees with the slightest touch of the hand. Vertical recessed handles and elegant chrome edges offer the kitchen a classy finish while a working module called a “Trumpet Table” that is essentially a functional island serves as a preparation space, sink, hob, and a dining table. Beneath the work surface, storage space is located to help users tuck away items they use only on occasions which offers users the convenience of safely storing items they only use occasionally like Christmas china and gravy boats out of sight when they are not needed yet close to hand so they can easily be taken out whenever required. The Tower is the perfect chic and designer solution for urban homes that are short on space.

Source: Warendorf

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