Bedroom storage ideas

Limited space is one of the big problems that we face every day. Storage is the most important element in a bedroom, so it is must that we make some wise investment when it comes to our room. Here’re some bedroom storage ideas to make best use of available space, and make use of the unexplored space we often overlook.

Underbed space

Bed is definitely one of the most important part of the bedroom. But, have you ever thought the underbed space also holds an equivalent place. The underbed space works as a good storage place. You can make use of plastic bags or bins or cardboard boxes designed for underbed storage to keep away the laundry or some of the seasonal clothes.

Use of drawers under the bed

Bed can fitted with the pull out drawers to increase the storage space. The side of the bed or the underbed space can be constructed with the drawer or lidded boxes for a smarter, more organized look. These drawers can also be simply adjusted without being fitted under the bed that would have otherwise be cluttered with ugly stuff.

Blanket Box

Blanket box is the one of the best option that offers huge amount of storage area. It offers ample of space to hold up from light stuff to heavy stuff. You can store your clothes, shoes, and many other unwanted items in the box without even being noticed.

Utilize headboards

The headboard behind the beds serves as a great storage space to store ample of your home products which occupy your precious space. You can keep all the extra clothes and many other items that you think does not fit well in your room.

Shoe Storage

Storing shoes that too in a small apartment are one of the major problems, we face every day. Shoes lying here and there make the room look messy. So the best way to solve the problem is by making a dedicated shoe storage that keeps away the shoes well managed without giving up the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Wardrobes as storage idea

Freestanding wardrobes tend to occupy more space than expected. The best alternative to save space and make the best of storage space is the fitted wardrobe that not only offers ample storage area but also saves space. The best part is that fitted wardrobe can be designed to complement your living area.

Bed corners as storage area

Markets are offering the bed design that has storage space built in such a way so that you can flaunt the look with its multipurpose design. The beds offer space to store the books by the side that looks like a small library, or you can also use it as shelves to keep any other product you like.

Use the corners

We often ignore the small corner place and leave them as unwanted area. But there are storage units that come in different size to utilize those unwanted space. Corner shelves can help to utilize space that can accommodate much of your small items.

Furniture with the storage

There is large number of tables, chairs, and many other furniture units that serves multifunctional purpose in your home. You can store away many things in this furniture that serves as general looking furniture in your décor. Carrying the simple look, they have a huge space in their belly.

Make mirror functional

Mirrors with storage are catching the trend these days. The multifunctional furniture not only helps to admire you beauty, but also helps to keep away some of your stuff stored in a well designed area. The area behind the mirror can be used either to store your precious jewelry or some of your precious stuff.

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