Spice up your home decor with statement mirrors

Mirrors with dramatic frames have been an established part of interior décor schemes for around 200 years now, though the trend of using mirrors to create a focal point in rooms has only taken off in the last two decades. Using mirrors to create a stunning focal point in any room is quite simple though one must keep some simple basics in mind to get the best result.

Statement Mirrors

When using a statement to create a focal point in a room, picking the right sized mirror is of paramount importance. If you pick a small mirror for a large wall, you would need to put additional décor elements on the wall around it to finish the statement wall. Similarly, a mirror that hogs up all the space on a wall leaves the wall looking a bit too bare. When picking a statement mirror, one must always choose a frame that suits the overall theme of the room it will be put in. Using a steel framed mirror in a Victorian-inspired room or using a wrought iron framed mirror in a minimalist décor could be catastrophic.

For people who aren’t very keen on having a large reflective surface in a room but still want to use a statement mirror, elaborate mirror frames can be the perfect idea. Elaborate and decorative frames can be matched to the theme of the décor to provide a stunning faux sculptural effect to a wall. Statement mirrors can be used to perfection in smaller spaces to create the illusion of additional space while adding to the decor. In rooms that don’t get much natural light, statement mirrors can be used to brighten up the space without using lighting.

Via: Interiorholic

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