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A splash here, a splash there: Bright colors to liven up your home!

Tired of the grey, cold, dreary winter outside? Be bold and adventurous and get bright colors into the house to lift your spirits. Gone are the days when interiors were always in porridge and gruel colors that were too staid and dull. Old houses almost always had a fair slice of nature around them like lawns and flowering trees to add color. But, in modern times when our dwelling places have become humble apartments with very little of nature around, bright colors should be used for the interiors. Even if the colors are neutral, a few colorful furnishings and accessories that are eye poppers create a colorful and lively space. Colorful textiles, a piece of art, paintings, wall hangings, lamps, tableware or even paints in eye catching colors can change the appearance dramatically.

Home Color Decoration

1. Painting the walls

The most affordable way to brighten up your house is to paint the walls in colorful ways. You need not paint the whole room purple or red! One wall of the living room for instance could be painted in a bright color and even textured for effect. If there is a reading corner with an awesome book shelf that needs to be highlighted, paint the walls pastel blue and the reading corner in olive green to make it stand out. Use colors that are in contrast and complementary to each other. The frames around windows and doors can be painted in a bright color, if the walls are a dull color.

2. Upholstery

Be sassy and use bright colors for your furniture. A turquoise chair against near black walls, or a piece of furniture in a glossy ruby red against apple green walls, or a black and white zebra paint with white upholstery and maybe some thing like a throw or foot rug in red, you can just let your imagination run.

3. Dinnerware

You can dress the table with table cloth, napkins, plate mats and napkin holders in amazing hues that are available in plenty. Kalamkari tablecloth from India, colorful hand blown glasses, melamine or colored stoneware dinner sets are mind blowing accessories for the table.

4. Wall hangings

Colorful tapestry or paper lanterns or art with simple hand made frames make a bold signature in any kind of dull room.

5. Flowers

If you are not too sure about bright colors, go for them in small inexpensive ways. A bunch of flowers of different colors immediately brings a cheery color into the room. Fresh flowers can be expensive and need looking after so, paper or silk flowers can take their place. A glass bowl with colored water or marbles and flower floats or candle floats look great on coffee tables. Lamps are not only functional but, they can brighten up shadowy corners and the lampshades come in myriad hues and shapes to suit the decor.

6. Colorful floors

Expensive tiles in marble or mosaic are easily browbeaten by simple, colorful throw rugs that are like spotlights on the floor or on the stairs for accentuating it.

There are million ways that are inexpensive as well, to make your rooms colorful and bright. So go ahead and let your creativity flow. Splash colors that will keep your spirit heightened, come what may.

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