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Sponge paint your rooms for better appearance and style

Plain painted walls look backdated and after a while, you will simply feel tired looking at them. Changing the color of the walls alone will not help in lifting your mood. To add more depth and character to your home décor using colors you should consider sponge painting.

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Sponge painting offers a unique textured finish that elevates the appearance of the entire room. Always use sponge painting sparingly as too much of a good thing can look ugly. Choose the right wall and give it a new definition with sponge painting. If you feel clueless of the project, read the guidelines and tips discussed in the following.

Step by step guidelines for DIY sponge painting

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After deciding that you want to sponge paint a particular room in your house and selecting a suitable wall, the next important step will be choosing the colors. You will need two different colors for sponge painting. One will be the base coat and another will go on top of the base color to give it a textured look.

The base color should not be too bright or over powering. Choose a muted shade of your favorite color. You will also need a glaze of high quality. Mix the vibrant top coat color with the glaze in 1:1 proportion. Get a big sponge, which will be easy to grip and dip it in the glaze and color mixture. You have to squeeze the sponge so that the excess color drips off. Start sponge painting from one corner.

You can make patterns according to your wish without thinking or stopping. To make the wall even more interesting, you can use another color that contrasts with the second or topcoat color. Use this color only when you see that the topcoat color has completely dried.

Tips for using sponge painting

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One simple yet eye catching way of using sponge painting in your living or dining room is to paint only the borders of the walls near the ceiling. It will create a pleasing visual impact and you will be able to create contrast without too much hard work. Highlighting an entire wall is also a great way of using sponge painting, as it will completely change the appearance of your room.

People who paint their home also use this technique to make the rooms more interesting. Use different color combination in different rooms for creating adorable variety. If it is a small playroom or the room of your toddler then you may sponge paint three walls instead of one. Choose happy and vibrant colors that appeal to the eyes.

Sponge painting can be used on all the walls of your room if the colors are light and the contrast is soothing. You can also create lovely images on the wall with a particular theme in mind. Autumn leaves, golden branches, bamboo shoots and trees are some nice designs that you can try.

What colors to choose for sponge painting?

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There are two different color schemes called monochromatic and analogous that you can use for sponge painting. Monochromatic color scheme consists of two different shades of the same color. The base coat is paler and the top coat is always brighter. If you want to use the analogous color scheme then select warm or cool palette. Use different colors that are neighbors on the color wheel.


Sponge painting not just upgrades the look of your rooms but also offers the opportunity of playing with colors and showing your creativity. Choose colors that look great together and do not compromise with quality of products.

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