Star Wars Cookie Jar: Bringing space wars to your kitchen

Death Star Cookie Jar


We often find weapons shown in the sci-fi fiction movies taking a harmless avatar an creeping in our homes in the form of collectibles, toys and accessories to attract children and geeky guys. Star Wars Cookie Jar is one of them. Only, the deadly weapon in the movie has found its way to the kitchen in the form of a jar that can be used for storing biscuits and cookies!

What’s unique?

The ceramic made Star Wars Cookie Jar is fully licensed from Lucas film Ltd . It will be a cool geeky accessory for your kitchen with dimensions as 12″ x 12″, which will transform your kitchen into Star Wars galaxy.

High Points:

This is large enough to hold a lot of cookies or tribble cakes.

A perfect accessory if you want to give your kitchen a geeky look.

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