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Stealth furniture collection culminates the use of triangles in furniture

As a child every time I heard the word ‘stealth’, I would be thinking of a plane that had the potential to destroy the enemy without being detected. The connotations of the word are wider than I thought. Like the stealth furniture, this on the contrary cannot go undetected by anyone who sees it.

The collection

The stealth furniture collection comprises of a dining table, chairs, stool and barstool. The collection is crafted out of European walnut and dark elm. The source of inspiration of the designer seems to be a triangle. The tabletop of the dining table, the seat of the chairs, the stools and also the backrest of the chairs is triangular in shape.All the pieces of the collection stand erect on just three legs, breaking the convention.

Why name it stealth furniture?

The surfaces of all the pieces in the collection bear sharp and distinct lines of separation, which is why the name stealth was chosen for the collection.This collection is unlike some furniture pieces that are categorized as stealth because of the hidden compartments or other secret elements in its design. Here the design is the sole inspiration forchristening it.

The dining table

The conical shaped three legs of the dining table make it more admirable. The triangular tabletop has sophisticated round edges, which gives it more appeal and makes it safe for the user. You probably may be thinking, how does it make it safe for the user? It surely does, there is always a risk of the pointed edges, especially for the children.

The chair

The seat and the backrest will captivate your heart. The rounded triangles with the stealthy design on top enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pieces. They are so light in weight that one of the pictures of the chair shows the chair being balanced on a single finger. Each chair weighs close to 8 ½ pounds. The chairs have a steel structure in the seat and the three legs to make it more stable.

The stools

The regular and the bar stool of the series are very much similar to each other, apart from the height of course. The triangle seat of the stools reminds me of a triangle shaped candy that we loved in the childhood. That gives me one more reason to appreciate the design of the stools.

Design studios HOOKL und STOOL created the stealth collection. AleksandarUgresic, the designer of the collection is the founder of the studio as well.

Source : Wood-Furniture.Biz