Stunning solar powered lighting fixtures for your home

The eco conscious homeowner of today has many options to go green, and one of the best ways to do the same is by opting for eco friendly lighting solutions inside the home. By using green yet trendy solar powered lighting fixtures at home, people can not only add brighten up the decor, but can also do their bit for the Mother Nature. Lighting firms and designers across the world have given us stunning light fixtures that run on solar energy and help homeowners cut down a bit on the monthly electricity bills. Here we have some of the most amazing solar powered lighting fixtures for home after the jump.

Moon Jar – Solar Powered Lamp

This Moon jar pictured above is a solar powered lamp that emits a soothing blue toned light. The inventor of this beautiful and elegant design is eco- designer Tobias Wong. A mason jar is fitted with solar panel inside that collects the solar light during the daytime when placed on a windowsill. The collected energy powers the three LED lights inside. This cordless eco design could be a stunning and suitable centerpiece for outdoors or indoors.

Frosted Scroll Solar Powered Lantern

If you are looking for some stunning solar powered lighting fixtures to decorate your garden or porch, then you might love to consider the Frosted Scroll Solar Powered Lantern. This pretty lantern consists of solar panel placed on its top, which gathers the solar energy during the daytime. It also features an on/off switch that lets you decide when to use this accumulated power. When charged completely, it gives a bright white glow for 8 hours. A unique antique appearance is given to the lantern by the scroll-effect frosted windows, making it more appealing than the usual solar lamps.

IKEA’s Solar Powered Lamp

The SUNAN LED desk lamp from IKEA is a stylish and eco friendly solar powered lighting lamp that will let your child study even after the sun sets without making use of the grid electricity. This elegant lamp does not require any electric cords or connections. Its flexible arm lets you adjust the light according to your wish. You simply need to detach the solar panel from the lamp and place it out in the sun light for around eight to nine hours. Once fully charged, the SUNAN will provide continuous light for four hours. This lamp is available in five cheery colors with an affordable price tag.

Solar Powered Lanterns from Ikea

For those who need a functional and affordable lighting fixture for their gardens, which also should be fancy and classy enough to suit their style, IKEA offers amazing solar powered lanterns for outside lighting. Since the rechargeable batteries inside gets the power from the charged solar panels, which soaks the energy from the sun during the day, therefore you do not require any wires to be connected to an outlet. You can either suspend these lanterns from a branch or keep them on the ground to provide a soft illumination while giving a modern and green charm to your garden.

The Color Changing Solar Walkway Lights

The color changing solar walkway lights comes in a set of four to enhance the décor of a yard. When exposed to sunlight for eight hours the integrated solar panels charge completely to power the LED for up to six hours. The soft white glow can smoothly change to red, green, blue, yellow or purple colored light by a remote control from a distance of 25 feet. It also lets you set the lights to turn on automatically in the evening and turn off in the morning. The durable ABS allows the lamp to be easily fixed on the ground.

Chandelier made out of 500 fluttering solar butterflies

Virtue of Blue is the name given to this stunning solar chandelier. Dutch designer Jeroen Verhoeven has shown his eco consciousness while designing this beautiful hanging lighting fixture for your home. He has made use of hand blown glass bulbs and placed the solar butterflies inside magnificently. These fluttering butterflies comprises of cesium solar cells, capture solar energy during the day and converts it into electricity in the evening to let the hand blown bulb emit a soft and elegant light. This piece of sheer beauty is displayed in London’s Blain|Southern.

Leaf Lantern is a solar powered flashlight

The Leaf Lantern is bound to brighten up your modern interiors in a greener manner. Designed by eco-designer, Sam Li, the device appears as a decoration piece but works as a solar powered lamp. Taking inspiration from the bio mimicry of leaves, the designer has created this lamp with the flexibility to be used as a whole unit or as individual portions. Each of the individual parts consists of its own solar panels to collect sufficient solar energy during the daytime, which is then transformed into usable electricity. Along with spreading light in the room, the inductive plate of this lantern can boost up small gadgets with power. The sustainable Leaf lantern will leave you awestruck with its sumptuous aura.

Corona Solar Lights

Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu have designed an eco-friendly lighting fixture that renders light in an elegant way. The designers got inspired from the dish and sunflower and integrated solar cells, LEDs and a floral shape for illuminating your outdoor spaces. Called the ‘Corona Solar Light’, it is characterized by its long stem with a flower shaped top. A photo-voltaic cell soaks up the sun’s energy and uses it to power the LED surrounding the face. The light can be easily detached from the stem and hence is the most versatile of all solar power lights. You can either stake the Corona Solar light amidst flowers in your garden or simply put it inside a flower vase.

Trace solar lamp

Mike Thompson and Gionata Gatto, based in Eindhoven have magnificently designed this floral shaped lamp, called the Trace solar lamp. The gorgeous lighting piece has an umbrella shaped covering with sea green and watery blue hues. This striking piece was exhibited at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi exhibition, organized at Milan design Week 2012. The integrated solar panels gather the solar power during the day and discharge a tender light at dark. A 30 minutes charge will render light for several hours. Polyurethane rubber has been used to construct this beautiful lighting lamp. ‘Trace S’ include the smaller solar lamps that works on a combination of electric and solar power whereas, the ‘Trace M’ is a larger version that is more efficient and radiates an ambient glow.

Solar lamp that lasts 8 hours

The Glass Solar Lamp is a masterpiece and is one of its kinds with a crystal like appearance. The solar cells harness the sun’s energy and powers the three red, green and blue colored LED screens fixed inside. The random transitions of colors create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Once fully charged the lights can last up to 8 hours. This multicolored solar lamp not only enthralls you with its magnificent glow at night but also with its mosaic beauty during the day. The Glass Solar Lamp is small and as no wiring is required, it become portable enough to be carried along anywhere. This outstanding lighting piece will complement any kind of décor.

Mossbo solar lamp

Mossbo is a solar powered lamp created by Vivian Lo in the shape of a fictional creature from a fairy tale. This cute little lamp will not only render efficient light but will also inspire your child to go eco-friendly. The photovoltaic panel in the outer coating of the lamp needs a few hours of sunlight providing the necessary glow at night. A full power is indicated by the sparkling lights present on the surface of the lamp whereas crossed out lights indicate that the lamp needs to be charged. A gentle touch will reduce the glow of light while a hard-pressed touch will switch the light off. The materials used to design this graceful lighting fixture are biodegradable and renewable thus making the lamp entirely green.

Origami Solarcell Lamp

Joonsoo Kim has fabricated this gorgeous hybrid solar lamp known as “Origami Solar Lamp”. The designer crafted this stunning polygonal lighting pendant by making use of a flexible photo-voltaic material that was folded to form this beautiful 3D lighting piece. Origami techniques were used to make out the intricate shape that consisted of a low-energy LED. The flexible solar cells that were implied in this design gathered the sun’s energy and powered the LED to provide a magnificent glow.

Solar Powered Garden Lamp By Emma Caselton

Eco-designer Emma Caselton has created the dazzling Garden lights pictured above that are powered by solar energy. The Solar Powered Garden Lights consist of six illuminating petals that are composed of transparent solar cells. During the day time these cute petals collect solar energy which is later used to illuminate the embedded LEDs in each of the petals. These beautiful petals can be suspended with help of wire making for an eco-friendly décor to illuminate your garden, lawn or pool side

Sonelis Greendix Lumileaf solar LED desk lamp

This beautiful Greendix Lumileaf Solar LED desk lamp by Sonelis Technologies features a pretty leaf design with solar panel on one side of the leaf, which collects sun’s energy and powers 6 LEDs that are fixed to the other side of the leaf to provide a sufficient glow. The lighting device also consists of a built-in 1800 mAh NiMH battery and an ambient sensor to automatically control the LED lights. Being water resistant, they can also be used in outdoor spaces.

Solar-Powered Light Bulb

The solar powered light bulbs, dubbed Nokero, were invented Steve Katsaros, especially for people who live in developing countries where there is a shortage or no electricity. His ambition behind conceiving the ‘Nokero’ (no kerosene) bulb that made use of sun’s energy was to replace the kerosene lanterns that were dangerous to the environment. These solar powered bulbs looked quite similar to the regular bulbs but they did not make use of grid electricity. Instead, the band-shaped solar panel that is fitted on the outside soaks up the sunshine that charge up battery. This charge later powers five little LEDs providing ample light after dark. The affordable unit comes with a replaceable battery.

Lora solar-powered portable lamp

This solar powered Lighting fixture christened as ‘Lora’ is a portable lamp is a magnificent lighting piece that can be placed on the ground or on a table, accentuating your interiors and exteriors as well. The charming lamp features four 3.5V, 20mAh LEDs to emit a soft white glow. A plastic layer that is used like the lampshade covers the flexible photovoltaic panels. The solar cell gathers the energy of the sun that is fed to the connected 3.7V, 650mAh battery that powers the LEDs. The beautiful lamp giving a romantic glossy light can replace candles for a romantic dinner.

Solar-powered collapsible lamp lights up when unfolded

Here is another eco friendly solar powered lamp with a unique design. This collapsible lamp is spreads out light when expanded. The designer of the lamp, Jesper Jonsson has equipped the solar-powered collapsible lamp with solar panels that harness the sun’s energy and store this collected energy in a battery for later use. In the evening when you unfold the lamp, the stored energy powers the set of bulbs inside the lamp to illuminate your room. There is a magnetic strap included in the lamp that lets you suspend the lamp in whatever way you want.

SolarMature – A solar powered lamp

This light lamp pictured above looks like any other lamp that you have in your room but works in a very eco friendly manner by not consuming the grid electricity. The SolarMature lamp employs solar panels to convert the renewable energy of the sun into electric energy that is used for lighting the ambiance. The photovoltaic panels function as the lampshade and harness the solar energy during the day. The harvested energy recharges the built-in battery system that is fed to the LEDs for illuminating the surroundings.

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