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Stunning transparent houses

Transparent glass homes are opulent, exotic and simply extravagant. These glass houses not only reflect the excellence of architecture and technology, but also add a new dimension to the contemporary and edgy living spaces. There are some transparent glass houses that act as milestones of innovation and creativity to redefine the modern homes. These homes are not only stylish and sleek but are also comfortable and close to nature. The transparent glass houses will stimulate your senses and will leave you breathless with its enticing beauty and lavishness. Here are some of the most amazing and stunning transparent houses to redefine luxury and innovation.

Transparent House by designer Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio

An absolute transparent habitat by the Italian company Santambrogiomilano is an architectural marvel to take the beauty and lavishness of glass to a new level. The transparent house made of glass beams, floors, roofs and walls showcased the evolution of the Simplicity project in Milan design week. The unique and intuitive transparent glass house that creates an illusion of living in the lap of nature without any boundaries, will take you back in history through modern architecture. The stunning and transparent glass house reflects various colours of nature, the green from vegetable garden, red of the cut meat, flame and the pink of the seafood. Re-defining transparency to stimulate the senses, the glass house is an incredible piece of art that is beyond any comparisons.

Transparent House 3D design and visualization studio in California

The luxurious and innovative Transparent House is a 3D design and Visualization studio for architecture, located in California. The Transparent house is a complete glass structure to create a majestic view of an architectural elegance and excellence. The huge building of transparent glass with various floors has enough of space and capacity to house thousands of employees. Currently a centre for various ambitious visualization projects, Transparent House is certainly not ordinary but is true extraordinary.

Transparent House Design Project by Arch Duilio Damilano

Simply stunning with architectural brilliance, the transparent house design project by the arch Duilio Damilano will leave you gasping for your breath. A house embedded with advanced technological solutions and with a horizontal enhanced, is built around a pointed roof, brick facade faces and the duplex foot. Extremely beautiful, the house has a transparent appearance to see through the elegant and classy interiors of a modern contemporary home. Utterly comfortable, sleek and luxurious, the transparent house is not only stylish, but is a dream dwelling to live in.

Modern glass house from Undurraga Deves

The contemporary glass house –Lakeside House by Undurraga Deves situated on Lake Colico, in Southern Chile will bring the Mother Nature straight to your living space, through its transparent glass walls. The glass walls are supported by the lightweight, durable and transparent steel to construct the frame of the house. There are three green terraces, which are glass encased. The vegetation on the terrace connects the house closely to the nature, while a stone service wall supports the crystal box. The service wall also connects to the earth creating the perfect amalgamation of modernity with the remote history. Some of the bedrooms are divided from the living room by the security of the back area to create independent living spaces, whereas some bedrooms can be seen from the living room. The Lakeside House is a stylish home to redefine luxury and indulgence, while acting as a milestone of innovation in contemporary living.

Transparency house design in exotic view

Adding new dimensions and definitions to the contemporary living spaces, the transparent glass house by Oppenheim with Walter Chatham is built high to view the never ending skyline out of your window. Absolutely breathtaking with the sleek visual of glass shell around the column, the transparent glass house looks interesting as box, divided into bedroom, living room and bathroom. The transparent glass house also has private room designs to ensure the solitude. Extremely beautiful and plush combined with plenty of sunshine, and exotic see view, the super stylish, sleek and comfortable, the transparent house is the ultimate indulgence one can have.

Vitra House-flats in one transparency home design

Vitra house is a beautiful and classic design of a bunch of transparent houses, that appear to be piled into one another to create the illusion of one unit. Each of the Vitra house flats has stylish interiors to shine through the glass exterior. Each flat also faces towards a different side to have the beautiful view outside. The exotic and extremely beautiful, Vitra house flats create a stunning picture with transparent design.The transparent sides of the flats are also in various shapes as pentagon or bumpy to create a unique identity for each flat. Vitra house flats in one transparency home design are not only breathtaking, but also make a striking picture of changing face of modern living spaces.

Transparent Glass House Design in Suburb of Larissa Greece

The innovative and excellent transparent glass house situated in suburb of Larissa-Greece, has an unique yet impressive layout. The stunning transparent glass house is designed by Christina Zerva Architects and has three levels to utilize the space optimally. There are spiral staircases and rest areas that are the predominant in the inner space and also in the facade of the building. The ceilings of the rooms are high to help the staircase to expand to a maximum with all its glory and elegance. The lighting scheme of the house is well planed to emphasize upon and highlight the staircase’s beautiful shape and the supreme quality of the materials. The metal construction of the staircase is the most prominent aspect of the transparent glass house, making it a sculptural piece of art, whereas the high ceilings maintain the adequate airflow in the house. There are two glass facades to give a warm. Intimate feeling and the glass balcony connects you to the nature directly.