Styling tips that make your patio awesome for the winters

Sitting in a patio for few winter months is like next to impossible for people residing in some regions. However, people who live in regions where there are mild climates in winters can and must use their patios and porch, and outdoor rooms.

For you, there is no excuse for leaving these lovely segments of your home unused for several winter months, except for the fact you do not know how to give the space a nice winter makeover. Just as you prepare your wardrobe for winters, you are supposed to do the same with your patio. Here is your guide to cozy up your outdoor space in a few easy steps:

Make comfortable seats warm

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For sure, you must have invested in comfortable seats for your outdoor seating or dining space. However, for winters they not just have to be comfortable but warm as well. Make sure you keep cushions inside and take out only when you want to use them. Even if your patio is covered or it is your outdoor room, things do get cold and uncomfortable amidst the chill of winter months. To make seats warmer, you can drape fake sheepskins over seats just before sitting on them.

Plush rugs on the floor

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Rugs on the floors serve as insulation devices but you can only have them in your covered patios and in your outdoor rooms. Even if your outdoor room is a bit colder than the rest of your rooms in winter, those thick and warm rugs on the floor will cozy up the space. The ideal solution is faux sheepskin rugs that look attractive and serve the purpose really well. You can play with different bright colors to spruce up your patio’s décor.

Pile on pillows and cushions

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To make outdoor furniture comfortable and warm during winter months, you ought to layer them up by throwing enough pillows and cushions over. The more they are, the better you will feel while sitting in your patio. The texture of the pillow or cushion cover you choose has to be rich and warm. Again, do not forget carrying them inside after using them.

Up close to a wall


If your patio is not covered and still you desire spending some time sitting out in winters, you need to keep this tip in mind. You will have to shift your seating area close to a wall. A wall serves as a windbreak, which means it will not let chilling wind affect you much. On the other hand, if you choose sitting away from the wall, then be ready to fight chilling wind.

Thick curtains and shades

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This goes for the covered patios and outdoor rooms. You can keep a small portion without curtains, so that you get to the beautiful view outside. For the rest of the portion, cover them up. Hang thick curtains and shades that prevent cold from entering in, thus helping to keep your patio warm and cozy.

Grow a windbreak

Teak wood furniture stand on the terrace

Besides a wall, you can come up with a windbreak. For this, you will have to find about the vines and shrubs that work well in your area. It will probably take a season or two to accomplish this but once you manage to grow it, it will make a lot many winters comfortable and cozy for you. A natural and a green windbreak that looks so amazing, is effective in terms of its capacity to break wind, and is an eco-friendly investment.

No matter how much one craves to spend some time in a patio during winters, the cold can put a damper on plans. These simple steps can make an outdoor room or a patio cozy for winters.

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