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Seven stylish flooring designs for modern apartments

Flooring designs

There are many aspects to home decor that in unison create the perfect blend. Flooring is a very visible and significant constituent of the overall appeal of an apartment. In keeping with the preference of the people, a number of alternatives are now available to take the flooring beyond the usual and the ordinary.

This ensures that it is not just the out of the ordinary carpets but the flooring in itself that creates an impact with its material, texture, and aesthetic appeal. Here are some options for those on the look out for something inherently stylish for their apartments.

1. Concrete art flooring

Concrete Art flooring

This flooring pattern credited to the Transparent House Studio brings an individualistic streak to the floor of an apartment as a whole and can also create something unique for each room of the apartment. Choose a beautiful pattern and bring the room alive with its flooring. These patterns are created just when the concrete is being laid or even after if it is set. This is indeed a novel concept turned into reality.

2. Resofloor by Resopal

Resofloor by Resopal

If we could get a glossy finish in flooring without having to be anxious about its durability, we will all be only too happy to lap it up. This is what Resofloor by Resopal is all about. The compressed fiber board with its gleaming aesthetic appeal in various patterns and colors is quite sturdy when it comes to wear and tear. Embrace the beautiful graphics on the flooring without having to deal with the hassles of scrubbing and scratching on the flooring.

3. Artistic wood flooring

Artistic Wood Flooring

This beautiful flooring type, conceptualized and brought into the realm of reality by Mafi indeed reflects the personality of those who live in the house. This flooring in wood, with an oiled finish can depict the motifs as per your choice. You may go back a few centuries to bring a traditional yet subtle impact or play with some creative patterns from your own surroundings to give it a sophisticated, modern, and trendy look and appeal. Bring your imagination to life with these classy wooden patterns in flooring.

4. Puzzle wood flooring

Puzzle Wood Flooring

This offering by puzzle floor is not just a foray into the world of sophistication in wooden flooring but also precision that lends an incredible appeal to the overall aesthetics. Individual pieces, made of Northern hardwood, interlock into each other to create an exquisite flooring layout for the interiors. Choose from among the 13 colors available. Durability, easy maintenance and personalized installation are some of the USPs of this kind of flooring. The quality of the flooring speaks for itself.

5. Marble inlay flooring

Marble Inlay Flooring

Marbles have been in use in flooring for ages now. It is one thing to use a material and something altogether different to use it to the acme of perfection. This is what Budri does. It uses marble to create beautiful and unique patterns in the varied colors available in nature. The sophistication so achieved is spellbinding. The innate creativity of the artists in combination with the beauty of the stone itself creates a mesmerizing effect. The interplay of colors gives an exquisite look to the apartments even before the furnishing .

6. Inlaid Parquet Floors

Inlaid Parquet Floors

Inlaid Parquet flooring options by Woodex, a Russian organization, are indeed the ones that put a stamp of individuality and luxury, to one’s taste and liking, on the flooring. Apart from the general patterns available, buyers can customize these to allow for the flooring to blend in with the overall theme of the decor of an apartment. The materials so chosen can also be reflective of the taste of the buyers. This is a unique amalgamation of wood with varied kinds of materials such as marble, tiles, sequins, metals, etc.

7. Crocodile Skin leather-like floor design

Crocodile Skin leather-like floor design

QuatroLegno, an Italian flooring design company has taken innovation in flooring to an altogether different level with leather-like flooring that creates the pattern of crocodile skin. This flooring designed for luxurious set ups can easily work in sync with the leather upholstery in use for the interiors. The Wenge wood panels, in 800 by 800 mm dimensions, with the unique design carved out on these indeed form a sight to behold and mesmerize.