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Terrific treehouses from around the world

Tree houses have always been a fancy to our dreams since time immemorial. Not only have they redefined the way we live, but have also led us to believe that the world is not restricted to living in concrete houses only. The designs of the tree houses have also been revamped over the past few years, leading them away from traditionally designed wooden houses to spruced up modern abodes. Enjoy this unique collection of houses from all over the world and your life would never be the same.

Lumber lodging in tree house in Hotel Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Gone are the days when tree houses were meant for just children. Switch into the present age and you won’t be surprised to find even adults can go gaga over such stupendous creations. As you enter the Hotel Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Bavaria, Germany, you will be transported into a world that is not placed on the ground. The tree house suite will embrace you with warmth and will be a great way to cut yourself from the hustle bustle that cities come draped in. Ignite the charm of being a kid yet again as you lie on the comfortable bed and soothe those frazzled nerves by taking a hot water bath. Sit all cozy with your loved one in front of the fireplace as you weave everlasting memories inside a tree house.

4Treehouse by Lukasz Kos

Walk amid the freshness of nature and get intoxicated by the charm of Fir trees as you stumble upon the square shaped 4TreeHouse, designed by Lukasz Kos. The awe-inspiring tree house is erected on Lake Muskoka, Ontario and has a befitting slate-like facade. As dusk sets in, the tree house turns into a heavenly abode when lights peep through the slated arrangement. The illuminated structure looks like a Japanese lantern on stilts and gives a very surreal appearance, which will leave you mesmerized. The structure seems as if it is floating in the Fir trees, grabbing all the required attention.

TreeHouse Workshop

TreeHouse Workshop has been giving people what they have dreamt of ever since their childhood. The constructions look like cozy cottages that blend fun and play in an interesting way. The ultra-chic tree house will offer the best getaway that will unfurl moments of serenity in your life. So, make nature your home that too without giving away the pleasures of a home sweet home.

Crazy house

Hang Nga’s tree house looks as if it has popped right out of a fairy tale. The castle like look and mysterious outer appearance will bring back all the long lost kiddish fantasies right in front of your eyes. The inside is as interesting as the outside and even the rooms seem as if they have been made inside a tree trunk. It is a crazy construction, which is fun at the same time. The tree house is a must visit if your ever happen to be in Vietnam.

Baumraum tree houses

Add a bit of innovation to your life with the signature tree houses by German designing company Baumraum. The house has been elegantly notched up on a pair of skinny spider stilts. If you want to check it out, then you would have to head to World Of Living Park in the WeberHaus. The tree abode is duly spacious and incorporates within a beautiful view coupled with luxurious indoor items. Let the child within you free and enjoy the scenery to the most.

Tree home by Robert Harvey Orshatz

If you’ve had a really hard day at work and are luckily situated in Oregon, Portland, then you have just got to check out the house by Robert Harvey Orshatz. The interiors of the house are not only very aesthetically pleasing, but they truly reflect the architect’s passion for music. The interiors of the house have been decked with all the ultimate gadgets, in turn lending it a unique outlook.

Sustainable tree house

The tree house is totally unique in its own way. Incorporating all the basic necessities of mankind, the house has the power to adapt itself to you each and every need. Made out of locally sourced wood, the house offers 32 m2 of living space and an extra 32 m2 for the terrace. Enjoy the view as you look out from the beautifully crafted tree house. In all, a happening wondrous abode among trees.

Luxury tree house

Who says your personalized tree house can’t be a modern getaway for you? Even though, you may want to use it for getting away from the daily hustle bustle of the city. Still, what makes the house by RPA designers a success is the modern touch they have fused into their traditional design. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Los Angeles as this platform stands tall on 12 inch steel girders.

Freestanding tree house

Tree houses may have pretty much derived their names from their everlasting dependence on trees. However, that has not stopped Slovenian designer, Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni from letting his dream become reality. He has crafted his own unique tree house and that too without the use of any supporting trees. The house is completely supported by stilts and has an elevated position, letting the inhabitants enjoy the upraised view nevertheless.

V-houses by Heinz Legler

The tree houses by Heinz Legler have primarily become the major reason for their name. The distinguishing V shape of the houses lend an extraordinary touch to the houses. Made from eco friendly materials, the houses are one addition to nature’s beauty. This is not all for the 16×16 feet house has been fitted with solar panels, compost toilets, etc. to add to the ensemble.