The best pregnancy pillow you can consider for 2017

You might be finding it hard to sleep comfortably during your pregnancy, as your body shape has changed and the bed which used to be so comfortable doesn’t seem to be as comfy as before. A pregnancy pillow can help you sleep as it gives support to your entire body, and not only your head and neck. Backache is quite common in pregnancy, and it usually gets worse in the night. Body pillows developed specially for women who are expecting, can support the back and legs, and help to get a complete night’s rest. Check out the benefits of pregnancy pillows as well as our top picks for 2017:

Benefits of pregnancy pillows

You might have been advised to sleep on your side which might be difficult, if you’re not used to it. A body pillow provides extra support for the back and reduces the pressure on it. When you use a pregnancy pillow, your muscles relax, thus it reduces muscle tension and increases blood circulation. Better sleep helps to keep your blood pressure normal, which is crucial during pregnancy.


Synthetic, memory foam and feathers are the three most common fillings of these pillows. Synthetic filled pillows are the cheapest, and the memory foam pillows are supposed to be better as they mold to your body form and are hypoallergenic. Feather stuffed pillows are soft and comfortable, but might cause allergies.

Some pregnancy pillows you can check out: 


This pillow is soft but strong enough to support you. Its contoured shape gives you spine alignment, relieves stress and tension on the belly, shoulders, neck, hips and back. Boppy is smaller than full sized pillows and can fit into a regular bed, and can be easily manipulated. The luxe cotton slip on cover looks good and feels cozy.​

Leacho ‘Back and Belly’

This one follows the natural shape of your body, regardless of how you change positions while sleeping. As the name suggests, it provides support for your tummy and back simultaneously. A ‘double decker’ supports the head and spine, which makes it easier to breathe and relieves heartburn. Its U-shape has contoured legs that enable you to sleep on your side or your back. Your hips are also elevated, making you more comfortable. The pillow is made from polyester which adds to the firmness and gives extra support.


PharMeDoc is designed to eliminate stress and strain of any kind. It has been proven that it can also provide relief from joint pain. The filling is firm but soft, and the cover, made from cotton, can be easily removed for cleaning. The size is bigger than many pillows, so before buying, be sure to check whether it will fit your bed or not. The company claims that the pillow is devoid of any BPA, lead, latex and phthalates, which can allow you to ‘rest’ your mind.

Back Buddy

A chiropractor mom designed this pillow to give some relief to your aching back. You can use it in your couch or office chair to reduce the pressure on your back. 


This orthopaedic pillow for your legs takes the load off your legs. It helps you stretch your legs out when you feel the need to do so. 

Leachco Snoogle

The difference between Leachco Snoogle and other pregnancy pillows is that it has a bigger midsection to provide extra support. The stuffing is polyester, which makes it firm, giving your spine proper support. The case is not easy to remove, so it makes washing it a little difficult. But despite this, this pillow has been positively reviewed by users.

Comfort U

Comfort U is comforting for both pregnant mothers as well as those who are in the process of recovering from giving birth. It is flexible and gives full body support. The ‘fusion fiber’ is heat resistant, transferring heat away from the body, thus keeping the body cool at night. 

Pregnancy pillows can help you sleep comfortably at night as they give the support your body needs, especially during the last trimester and after delivery. These pillows can prevent acid reflux, sciatica and other discomforts you experience due to pregnancy. Do your research and buy the pillow which will help you the most. And if you feel too confused and want to know more about the latest product designs, then you can follow any popular Web Magazine Network that remains updated on them.

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