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The right way of organizing toys in décor for a kid’s room

If you have sufficient storage for the ever-growing toys of your kids in their room, the battle is won. We’ll show you how you can add storage and organize your kid’s room.

For the stuffed animals


Shelves made from plywood or MDF on the walls can hold a large number of stuffed toys. They enhance the décor of the kid’s room too. These can be long or short, multi-storied or a single shelf, as per the number of toys. If you install a single shelf in the beginning another shelves if required can be added any time.

Another great idea is to create a multi-level swing for the stuffed fellows. You need a few wooden laths, slats and a cloth line. Make a multi-level swing to house the stuffed toys. Use the wooden slats for the back and front of the toys, so that keep hanging on the swing. If the number of these animals grows, make another swing.

Window bags

Window bags

Easy to create and quite useful, these bags can hold a lot of small items in the kids room. Lego blocks, boxcars, kitchen sets, doll accessories, colors pencils, crayons and anything else you wish to can be organized in these bags. You just need some fabric, a thick plastic sheet for the window and a string to tie the mouth of the bag.

You can stitch a bag as per your requirement, the window on the bag will help you and your kid in figuring out the contents of the bag. These can be easily stacked in the closet of the kid.

Magnetic toy holders

Magnetic toy holders

A magnetic knife holder that you use in the kitchen can help your kid too. All the metal cars that are scattered around his room can be organized easily now. Each magnetic strip can hold multiple small cars of your kid.

Moreover, these will decorate the room of the child in a fancy way. The kid’s friends will be impressed to see the toy car collection of their pal. For a girl child these strips can hold hairpins and other kind of magnetic accessories that she uses.

A garage for matchbox cars

A garage for matchbox cars

Oh boy! A hanging matchbox car garage will store a large number of these cars and also serve as a display unit. Strips of wood are used to make this tall rack, each shelf has a height and width little more than the matchbox car, so that they fit in easily.

Now the toy box will have more space to hold other toys. You can paint it white, black of any other color that matches the décor of the room. This unit will give an ease of access to these cars and your kid will find it easy to put them back in the garage.

Hideaway storage unit


You can either convert a regular storage unit in the kid’s room or create a hideaway storage unit from scratch. You might have noticed that even after putting away the things in the storage unit the room doesn’t look that tidy.

Covering the storage units on the walls will make a difference. You just need to install a curtain rod and a beautiful curtain in front of the storage unit. It would be cool if the curtain that you install matches the décor of the room. This can even be implemented on a small size storage unit.

DIY stuff is always fun, these are simple ways to add storage in the kid’s room and get an organized look. Involving the child in activities like these will make him/her understand the need to be organized.

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