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Things You Should Know When Considering Bonsai Trees for Your Home

Bonsai trees make your home or office look elegant and stylish. With some looking after, bonsai trees look amazing and add flourishing greenery to your home. As a beginner, you would have many questions about how to care for your bonsai plant. There is a ton of information on the net which might confuse you, so here are a few things gleaned from the net and listed out for you, things you should know if you’re considering a bonsai tree for your home:

 How much water does a bonsai need?

Getting the amount of water right is crucial for your bonsai. Each bonsai plant is unique and watering is also different for every bonsai, depending on the plant type, climate, soil and location. You have to water the plants more during the growing and summer seasons and less during the dormant season, i.e. winter.

Checking if the top soil is dry is the easiest way to know when to water your bonsai. You could do this by getting a moisture sensor for soil or insert your finger in the top soil. Overwatering can damage the roots, so you have to be careful. Early morning or dawn, is the best time to water your bonsai. Indoor bonsai leaves need to be sprayed with room temperature water, at regular intervals, to overcome humid conditions.

What’s the right temperature for your bonsai?

The type of bonsai plant you choose has to be able to thrive in your natural climate, which makes your job easier, as it eliminates complications due to changing temperature. If you want to keep your bonsai plant indoors, check before buying which plants can do well indoors.

Your indoor bonsai plant needs sunlight for approximately 5 hours every day and a bonsai outdoors too requires optimum temperature, so you have to take care that it receives enough sunlight and shade. Direct sunlight is to be avoided in summer as the leaves will turn yellow.

What is the best soil for your bonsai?

You can choose the easy way out and buy specialty soils prepared just for bonsais. If you want to mix your own soil, remember that the soil has to drain easily, yet manage to retain water.

This can be ensured that all the components are of equal size. The ideal recipe is 25% organic material like clay, Akadama, Turface and Kanuma, and 75% aggregate such as river rock, granite fragments, lava rock, Haydite etc. Do filter fine dust particles from all the components before mixing, and the ideal pH is 6.5 to 7.5.

Why and what kind of fertilizer does your bonsai need?


As the bonsai cannot spread out its roots, it requires nutrients in the form of fertilizer to help it remain healthy and to grow. Instead of mixing the fertilizer yourself, it is best to buy premade bonsai fertilizer, and vary it according to the season and plant.

How do you choose the right pot?

Porcelain, ceramic metallic and plastic pots can be used depending on the gender and size of the plant. If your pot is rectangular or oval, then it should be 2/3rd the height of the tree and square or round pots should be 1/3rd the height of the tree.

When should you repot?

Repotting is best done at the end of the dormant season.

How do you save bonsai from pests?

Use sterilized tools and biological alternatives like ladybugs to control pests. A warm solution of water and liquid dishwasher can be used too, and pesticides can be used a last resort.

Pruning and wiring your bonsai

Bonsai pruning is an art, and there are many famous bonsais in the world, known for their breathtaking beauty. Using bonsai clippers, remove dead branches and prune, using your imagination and creativity, remembering to clean top growth and maintaining the desired shape.

Wiring using a copper wire is another way to style a bonsai plant, by wrapping the wire around the branches to reposition them. The wire is removed after the desired style is achieved.

A bonsai plant is beautiful andlooking after it can be a form of meditation, which works wonders to reduce stress in your life. A bonsai plant will add beauty and charm to your home and let you express your creativity.