This cabinet named Nate will blow your mind

Designer Lisa Berkert Wallard has created a new cabinet that
she calls ‘Nate’ (We’re guessing it’s a play on the latter syllables of the word
‘cabinet’). While the name of the cabinet remains an odd choice, the design
itself is something of a marvel. 

Unlike other fresh pieces that pride
themselves on their pristine appearance, Nate is designed deliberately with a weathered
and time eroded look. The designer claims that the erosion gives the cabinet a distinct
character like scars on a battle hardened veteran or the wrinkles on a great
grandmother that display a great wisdom and imbibe a sense of experience.

However, unlike the hurried weathering used to create faux antiques,
this particular cabinet tells a story of how the creation came into being and
what creative processes affected and shaped it over time. But that doesn’t mean
that the cabinet looks worn out or something, in fact, the cabinet is
deliberately given a polished look which defies any proof of aging but also
makes the piece look more like a period piece from the 1960s or something. The Nate
Cabinet was displayed at the Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair at the Beckmans
College of Design’s This It? Exhibition where it received rave reviews for it
unexpected appearance and focus on clean lines.

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