Tips to Give a Victorian Touch to Modern Interiors

Human nature always demands a change, a change from the daily routine, change of taste, change of wardrobe, etc. Change is the only motivation that keeps us going. Like everything else, we also need a change in the house we live. Maybe not change of an address, but change the way our house looks. We do renovation and remodeling on the exterior or the interior, sometimes for a utility purpose and at times for an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Changing the interiors in particular can be quite challenging and the huge number of options on the interior design can really put one in a fix. The Victorian Designs are among the most popular and liked design recently.

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The Victorian style of interior design dates during the reign of Queen Victoria in Britain between 1837 and 1901. The Victorian look is a mix of styles from the Art and Crafts movement influenced from Europe. Presenting to you some pointers that can help you create interiors for you homes in a Victorian style whether or not you actually have a Victorian home.


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The Victorian interior designs are all about bold, rich and dramatic colored walls. These colors are not bright but toned-down, deep colors like emerald, forest green, ruby, and plum and burgundy. Choose a color from the heritage range that most paint companies provide. You could also combine these colors by using different colors on different walls. Elements such as brick, stones, terra cotta and wooden panels can also be used wisely to mix and match with the color components.

The Victorian style is distinctly known for patterned wallpapers in deep and rich colors. Large scaled, old-fashioned designs, flowers, foliage and birds are a common patterns used for the wallpapers.


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The original Victorian style used heavy and long curtain panels at the windows to prevent the chill. Though you might not be worried of shielding your house from the chilly breeze, you would still want to use similar curtains that are long and heavy with bold colors, patterns and textures. Heavily embroidered fabrics are preferred and the fabrics that provide the perfect look and appeal are velvet, satin and silk. Adorn curtains with tassels, fringes and tiebacks that are sure to provide the elegance that the Victorian designs demand.


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Acknowledging the fact that the Victorian design dates back to the 18th century, there were obviously no LED light bulbs then and candles were used instead. Obviously, you cannot use candles for lighting a room in modern times, but you can replace candles with various table lamps, wood carved candlesticks and wrought iron chandeliers. And thanks to the technology, there are light bulbs available in the market which mimics a candle flame, creating a perfect Gothic atmosphere.



To add the perfect Victorian Gothic character to your interiors, you can use carved wooden pieces like mirror frames, lamps and photo frames wherever possible. Wooden furniture including sofas and chairs with buttoned backs compliment the Victorian design. Choose old-fashioned oil paintings and frame them in large and decorative antique silver frames to add the authentic look. Include statues of stones, wrought iron, metal and wood. A crowded room would be just perfect.


The Victorian style offers a luxurious, ornate and dramatic look to your house. You can create a Victorian Gothic design for your interiors by using patterns that are detailed and intricate. You can develop the lavish look of the Victorian era with just the introduction of some extravagant furniture, bold colors, metal structures, table lamps and heavy curtains.

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