Tips and trips that make the hallway look bright and beautiful

The hallway offers the first impression of what guests can expect from the rest of your home as soon as they enter it. Hence, you would need to ensure that this space is stylish, practical and very welcoming. If you think there is not much in terms of design and decoration that you can do here, you are wrong. Take a look at some of the really simple tips mentioned below to see how you can make your hallway set the tone for a nice warm welcome.

Use color to brighten it up

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Although you may like the idea of a dark colored hallway, it may not be the best option of your hallway is long, narrow or small. Dark colors would make these spaces look smaller, crowded and foreboding. So consider painting the hallway in bright colors so as to make the entire space look lively and inviting. You don’t need to stick to white alone. Experiment with shades of grays, greens, beige and pale blues to stretch the space and make the hallway look bigger

Use wallpaper for interesting patterns

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Hallways are the entry points for homes and so, can get really dirty after some time. This goes double for households that have children and pets. Now you don’t need to go about repainting the entire hallway frequently. Rather, consider using patterned wallpaper on the walls surrounding the space. Not only will this brighten up the area instantly, but it would also effectively hide all those scuffs, smudges and finger marks.

Better yet, you can easily clean off these marks with a wet cloth. While we don’t want you to go overboard with prints (it would lead to a claustrophobic feeling), you can experiment with simple patterns and light colors to make the hallway look larger and brighter.

Use various lighting options

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Hallways that do not enjoy exposure to natural light can become dark and gloomy even with a slight change in the weather. An easy way to thwart this is to use a good lighting fixture to brighten up the area. While ceiling lights are essential near the entrance, you can create a focal point near the center by adding a chandelier. Dimmer lights like lanterns, table lamps and scones can create a peaceful and inviting ambiance.

Add a gallery wall

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One of the best ways to make your hallway stand out is to decorate one side of it with some of your favorite pictures. Choose frames that blend in with the rest of the hallway décor and images that would make people want to look at them closer. If you are averse to showcasing personal photographs, consider opting for botanical prints as well as black and white pictures of architectural wonders. Note that too many photographs would overcrowd the gallery. So keep it minimalistic and uniform.

Reflect with mirrors

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A great way to make the hallway look brighter and bigger is to place mirror in it. Floor to ceiling mirrors can work great for small, narrow hallways. They reflect the natural light that enters the home, thus making the interiors look spacious, bright and cheerful. Plus, you get to enjoy a last minute beauty check every day before heading out.

Choose a seating option

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While large hallways can be complemented with a variety of seating options, smaller spaces are a bit challenging. However, you can try out for your hallway as well without making the space look crowded. Something as simple as a narrow bench, an ottoman, an acrylic chair or even a small pouf can be great choices for small hallways. Choosing ones with storage options is better as they would enable you to keep the hallway clutter free.


The hallway is the first room your guests would have access to in your home. So make use of the tips mentioned above to make this space more spacious, brighter and inviting.

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