Top 10 luxuries that belong in your dream home

I spend probably a lot more time than I should looking at design websites and poring over home design magazines. To be fair, my husband and I are looking for our first property to buy, and I have dreams of getting a gorgeous old church to convert, or a cute barn somewhere on the outskirts of the city and doing it up – all whitewashed walls and polished concrete, with light streaming in through the skylights… Ok, I spend a LOT of my time looking at design websites. But with the vast amount of incredible stuff that you can get online now, who can blame my addiction? Homeowners today are totally spoiled for choice.


I want to share my top ten luxuries that I am totally besotted with right now, and in the meantime keep hoping that my husband and I win the lottery so that I can deck out my dream home with all of these spectacular additions.


Walk-in Wardrobe

There’s something very starlet-esque about the idea of a walk-in wardrobe, attached ever-so-casually to the sumptuous (everything in a dream home is sumptuous, don’t you know?) master suite. Mine would have floor to ceiling mirrors; lush, full, thick-as-a-Kardashian carpet; and endless hanging space. Oh, and I’d also have a huge amount of space for my mammoth shoe collection. Enough said.


Wine Cellar

‘Just pop down to the cellar darling, grab a bottle of the Chateau Latour. The ‘75? No the ‘71 darling.’ I can imagine it now… If only! Well, at the very least, you can get a wine cellar and then dream about the wine you could fill it with. There are a huge amount of awesome wine cellar designs you can get now – from under the stairs to inside a wall – and there’s no limit to your innovation, so long as you have imagination. Once you’ve got your wine breathing on the marble countertop, you can snuggle down in front of the…



Yes, the fireplace is the ultimate dream home luxury as far as I’m concerned. Coming from Melbourne, there’s no telling when you’re going to be getting a cold snap, so you need to be prepared with a fireplace. You can get all sorts of incredible fireplaces in Melbourne and I’ve found that by looking online, you can actually find a pretty affordable range of stunning options.


A pool

Don’t have space for a whole pool? Get a lap pool! That way, you can slice through the water and keep fit while enjoying the sun and the water. It’s a definite must on my list of lust-haves.


An outdoor cabana/gazebo

Luxury to me means something akin to lounging by a beach in Bali. If you can’t get away to the Indonesian isle, why not bring the beach to you with a gazebo? You can deck it out with lounges and hammocks so that it’s got that awesome Bali vibe going on – and invite friends over to luxuriate by the pool.


An outdoor theatre

This is a must-have for the cinema buffs among us – and they’re actually rather easy to engineer. All you need is a good projector and a blank wall and hey-presto – movie nights at your place!


A spa

This one goes hand in hand with the pool, but if you really don’t have the space for the pool why not just splurge on the spa? You won’t regret it – and you’ll probably spend more time in the spa than you do in your real life. Not a bad thing, really.


A soda water tap

I love fizzy water. I don’t know why, I just do. You can now get an honest-to-god tap that dispenses the delightful beverage just like the water from your main plumbing. No more fiddling around with the ‘soda stream’, and ultimate joy.


Underfloor heating

If you have wood or concrete floors, you can get underfloor heating. There’s nothing better than padding downstairs in the morning and putting your bare feet on toasty warm floorboards. Mmm.


A live-in cleaner

Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch, but hey – someone has to clean up after all of those awesome pool/spa/movie parties, right?


Good luck fitting out the home of your dreams!




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