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Top 13 Fireplace remodel ideas for 2018

Fireplace remodel ideas for 2018

Getting a new fireplace could be a bit expensive? Isn’t it? However, yet, we have some great solutions to get an inexpensive fireplace to remodel ideas that are quite budgeted and easy too. If you are ultimately looking for those that will completely fit your home, then you must surely check on some interesting ones that will add more beauty to your place giving idealism on the whole.

Still, craving for a perfect fireplace remodel ideas, then here are some superlative tricks that will certainly help you to make it more picturesque.

13 – Best fireplace remodel ideas for 2018

Fireplace remodel ideas for 2018

Dating back, the majority of the homes they had a more substantial fireplace while in the colder climate. It was entirely that one visual point of those homes in the previous decades. However, today, the technology has the unlimited growth that gives great essential makeovers for the fireplaces inside the houses. The modern and technological makeovers incorporate the replacement of the old fireplaces and transforming them into contemporary preferences.

Let us check out these last ideas that you can opt for today itself.

1.    Ensure the working condition

Firstly, make sure that the fireplace in your home is in perfect condition and is not out of order. Once you have checked its status, check the built of the fireplace and ensure that the bricks, mantel or the trim is perfect too and not broken- not even a single crack.

2.    Mantel Makeover

You don’t want to forget the mantel makeover, do you? Mantels can add some volume and size to the fireplace. Remodel ideas for the mantels are comfortable, especially when it comes to restructuring them at your home. Of course, any color would look good on the mantel. There are various shapes and sizes in the mantel.

3.    Add some accessories to it!

Another incredible makeover could be adding some accessories to the fireplace. Any old fireplace can look well with these coloring and extra accessories. You can also replace the screens with the modern fireplace screens. There is a variety of it with various shapes, colors, and sizes.

4.    Paint

Fireplace remodel ideas for 2018

Painting the fireplace once again could be one of the easiest remodel ideas that of course anyone can do. This can be an expert makeover solution as well and of course quite inexpensive too. Also, make sure that the paint color matches the wall color or the floor color.

5.    Slate

Trying slate can be right on the extremely complicated fireplace makeovers. Slate is nothing but a smooth rock that is made up of various other similar stones, like granites and quartz that will give an ultimate look for the fireplace ambiance. The slate can differ in color, size or shape.

6.    Hearth makeover

If you cannot add up any investment based resources to your home for the fireplace makeover, then you can try with the hearth makeover which is quite easy and on a budget too. Of course, if you don’t like to go with the slate option, then you can decide upon the hearth makeover option. This will add beauty to the fireplace giving a grey and cool shade for your home.

7.    Masonry or Prefab?

No matter the type of fireplace you have, it can be masonry or prefab, of course, every romantic soul can ultimately melt on the crackling sound and the warmth from the fireplace on an icy night. There are some differences in these fireplaces, which depends on personal choices. If you are building a new home, then you should know the types and categories of these fireplaces.

8.    Differences in structures

Fireplace remodel ideas for 2018

Any masonry fireplace is attached to the walls. When you are renovating or building a new house, you can add up a fireplace too. The masonry fireplaces are created with the mortar or the brick. However, the prefabricated fireplaces are entirely on a budget also, but they are generally built inside the factory.

9.    Indoor Firepit

Indoor firepit can be an excellent idea when it comes to building or remodeling the contemporary fireplaces. If you have an enormous space in your home, then you can directly come up with an idea of creating an indoor firepit. Indoor firepits are trendy and attractive too.

10.    Electric Fireplaces

These electric fireplaces are already rocking on the floor. They are modern and trendy. Moreover, these electric ones enhance the carbon marks in our home and give clean and fresh air for the perfect ambiance. You can find the wall-mounted fireplaces that are quite popular in the days. Just go for it!

11.    Linear Fireplace

woman near FireplaceIt could be an ideal solution to avail the best of the traditional style fireplaces without even losing the designs or the interiors. This type of fireplace displays the extensive view of the flames crackling. They also have varieties with their designs; it is now time for you to decide upon it.

12.    Simplified

Creating simplified fireplaces can be the most popular and of course they are the traditional ones. These obvious linear ones will not need any further procedures that were practiced in the old fireplacesin previous times.

13.    Safety

Of course, these are quite safe ones too. The contemporary or the linear fireplace models are very much elongated and safe when it comes to placing them at the center of your living room. Please don’t wait, try them.


These ideas can be instrumental and great using which you can modify and make changes to your home. It will also give an ideal look to your home making it more exotic too. These remodeling ideas can be applied either after you have built the fireplace or while the construction process. It is superbly easy! Your beautiful home will look prettier with these ideas. Just apply these creative ones and see the changes in your home.