Top Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Remodeling  

There are many trials in a contractor’s life. A contractor has to be totally up-to-date to keep up with new developments. You have to deal with all the intricacies of running your own business and keep track of new regulations and codes. Remodeling a home is the main source of bread-and-butter for a contractor. To make the remodeling go easier, a contractor has to be wary of many things.

 Home remodeling don’ts

Home Remodeling

While remodeling a home, you must remember these points which will help the job go smoothly.

  • Don’t forget to keep your license and permits updated 

You must have a valid license to carry out home improvement works. Many customers are wary of unlicensed contractors these days as there have been instances of people being cheated. A license will give you an edge over others.This is a no compromise area. Getting all your building permits in order is good for your business and customer relations. This can reflect on testimonials and word of mouth references for you.

  • Don’t forget to get to know the house 

Home Remodeling

Before placing a bid, get to know the house thoroughly. You must have either a plan of the house or you must ask for a walk through. Get to know the homeowner’s expectations from the remodeling and what budget they have in mind. Encourage your client to be open and transparent which will give a better idea of what to bid and have a better chance of being selected.

  • Don’t hesitate to invest in a construction estimating software 

This software will help you to reduce the speculation that goes in a job and help you provide a realistic estimate. Also, if they are any changes on the job, it’s easy to adjust a column with this software, rather than redrafting the entire bid.While estimating the raw cost the factors to be taken into consideration are hvac needs, subcontractor fees, materials, cost of labor, sitework (such as demolition and hauling), preventative care, finishes, specialties, equipment and furnishings.

  • Don’t forget to add a markup

Home Remodeling

Markups in the 15-20% range as you will have to consider your overheads to return a profit. Don’t undervalue your services and present a bid that is too low.

  • Don’t forget to sign a contract 

A contract is helpful for both parties. You can make one out where you are paid as every stage is completed. This will be motivating for you as you will be receiving payments on time. It is good for the customer too as they know that things are progressing on time.

  • Don’t rush things

 Home Remodeling

Take your time to give an estimate. Be sure to let the customer aware of all the planning needed to start the project. Let them see the big picture in time so that they know what they’re getting into. It will be smooth working later if you both communicate well. Make sure you inform your client of any contingencies that may come up during the job so that they are ready for it and you don’t feel the pressure. Your reputation will be intact and the customer will also have a realistic picture of the project.

  • Don’t let the customer cut corners 

Money plays a big part in decisions. A customer may decide to go for cheaper options for key materials but you must insist on good quality materials which will prove their worth in time. For example, cheap plumbing fixtures can fail after a short period of time. Encourage the customer to look for a solid warranty for these key materials.

  • Don’t encourage discounted material

 Home Remodeling

Discounted materials are not as great as they sound and you must make the customer wary of these “bargains” which may be difficult to work into your project later.

  • Don’t skimp on skilled labor 

If the job requires you to obtain help from skilled labor, don’t hesitate to do that. A job well done will reflect positively on you.

  • Don’t ignore safety 

This could mean safety equipment like harnesses and goggles. Using guards on power tools and ensuring the breakers are turned off when working around electricity are some safety measures you must follow for a successful job. 

A contractor’s life is not easy. These remodeling tips will help you to be organized in every aspect of your work and satisfy the customer as well, while making sure to earn a good profit.

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