Things to know and steps to follow when removing laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has the ability to work as aguarding layer on thefloor. The inner layer of the flooring is made of fiber board and melamine resin. This kind of flooring is easy to install and the cost of it is not very expensive. Moreover, it is hygienic, durable and as well as easy to maintain.

Removing Laminating Flooring without harming the boards


Laminate flooring looks beautiful, however, with the ages, it starts looking dull and then you need to change it. Remember, in order to reuse the existing boards, you need to disassemble the floor very carefully. This kind of floor is not attached with nails or glue but while it is new you may use glue on the boards.

In order to remove it, you can follow the steps:

  • Use pry bar to pry off the baseboards
  • Try to disassemble them from the corner
  • On the top of the plank, place grouting float and push it down
  • Remove the planks
  • Use pull and lift technique for separating the planks

Removing Linoleum


Linoleum is a floor covering which is used mainly in kitchens, laundries, meeting rooms or foyers. It is easy to install and in the same way, you can remove it by implementing the following procedures:

  • Remove all the furniture as well as appliances from the surface of linoleum
  • Take a knife and cut the carpet into thirteen-inch strips
  • In order to remove it easily heat the topper of the linoleum with the heat gun
  • Manually peel back the edges and the strips
  • Oscillating tool along with scraper blade can be used alternatively in order to automate the procedure

Installing laminate flooring and removing carpeting

You need a few hours to remove the old carpet and install alaminate floor. You can install it very easily.  You can use it in any of the room of your house or office. To replacethe existingcarpet,follow some of these easy steps:

  • Take a sharp knife and cut the carpet from any edge of it or from the middle even
  • Once it is done, then roll up the oldcarpet and eliminate it from the floor
  • Substitutethe old baseboard and install new ones
  • Scrape up the paint or glue with a knife
  • Check the levelness
  • Adjust the flooring
  • Determine the layout and prep the door frames
  • Cut the new floor as you like, snap it and transitioning doorway

So this is the way how you can easily fix your laminated floor replacing the carpet without much hassle.

Replacing Vinyl flooring


While you need to install a new floor, you first need to remove the previous one otherwise it would give a strange look. Sometimes it is not necessary for you to replace the whole carpet; only a part of the carpet can become sufficient. But for this, you need to find out the same looking carpet first.

After that, you need to measure the part of the carpet which you need to replace with the new one. It is not a tiresome process to remove the carpet and the glue.  The procedure is same like the previous ones. You just need to cut it from the middle of the carpet and roll it out. Then after cleaning the floor you can install the new one.

Removing film from laminate floor

Dirt damages the look of the laminate wood floor. Hence we should always keep the surface of this floor neat and clean.

  • In a bucket, mix one cup warm water with alcohol. The vinegar helps to clean as well as remove the film.
  • Add rubbing alcohol in the bucket, it helps to break the film without damaging the floor
  • Mop the floor and repeat it until the film is removed. 

Laminate flooring provides an elegant look to the flooring and hides the flaws of the floor. However, from time to time you need to remove the previous ones and install new flooring.

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