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Trio dish drier : Dries dishes, grows herbs


Have you ever thought that every drop of water you waste in the kitchen could give a new life to a plant? What if it could be the way to grow some herbs in your very kitchen? With an ever increasing need for water conservation, industrial designers are coming up with nifty concept products that could save every single drop of water. Jordan Bailey has designed an eco-friendly trio dish drier that grows herbs while drying dishes.

What’s Different?

This clever little invention has a mountable dish rack fitted with 3 removable containers in which herbs are planted. The runoff water from washed dishes, glasses and other kitchen utensils is reused to cultivate the herbs in the container. The container is fitted with a filter that keeps dirt in and allows water to pass through. Besides growing fresh herbs and spices, the Trio dish drier gives an amiable green environment to your kitchen