Home DIY Using yarn as the accessory for classy home décor

Using yarn as the accessory for classy home décor

Almost all of us have at least one or two blank walls in our home that remain well … blank until you decide to put something on them. Here are some excellent way to decorate those walls using nothing but yarn. That’s right, just plain simple yarn. What could you possibly do with yarn you ask? Well, take a look at the ideas mentioned below to find out how you can go about using yarn art to make your home look brighter, cozier, more colorful and more welcome.

Criss-crossed heartstring yarn art

Criss-crossed heartstring yarn art

The basic of yarn art involves using nails to create the integral shape and then intertwining the yarn strings across these nails in different ways to create intricate patterns over the base shape. Consider this design. All you need to do is create the shape of a large heart using nails (on a board or the wall itself), and then criss-cross red colored yarn (you can use any other color as per your wish) over the nails to create an intricate heart pattern that screams love and coziness.

Images Yarn Art

Images Yarn Art

You can also opt for intricate images to display yarn art. For instance, you can place nails on the blank wall to trace the outline of the tree root. Make sure the nails cover the entire expanse of the wall from floor to ceiling. Now using either black or brown yarn, join the nails in intricate patterns to create a one of a kind floor to ceiling image yarn art.

Face mural shadow yarn art

cobweb yarn art

Remember all those shadow face murals with only the black shadows highlighting the face? Well, you can accomplish that easily with yarn as well. Simply trace out the shadow highlights of the face or mural onto a board or wall with a pencil. Place nails on these outlines and simply wrap black yarn tightly over the nails to create a shadow effect. The end result will look simply stunning.

Outer boundary yarn art

Place nails on these outlines

Sometimes, you don’t need to cover an image with yarn art. Rather, you can leave the image untouched and opt to cover the surrounding areas with yarn art instead. The procedure is the same. Outline the image and place nails on the outline. Place more nails along the boundary (like a square or circle frame). Now criss-cross the yarn between these nails, leaving the inner portion of the image untouched. The end result will be an image looking out from an intricate yarn pattern.

Letter yarn art

Letter yarn art

How about creating statement letter yarn art pieces? Simply covering a block letter with some tightly wound yarn would make it an art piece to reckon for sure. For smaller letters, you can use small tubes like pipe cleaners. Simply wind the yarn around these tubes to create intricately decorated letters which you can then hang in your room to create a focal point of interest. You can use looped letters, standalone alphabets and multiple colors to come up with several interesting patterns.

Hanging yarn art pieces

Hanging yarn art pieces 2

Feel too lazy to create intricate patterns using yarn? Then simply opt to hang them as they are from several areas on the wall. Attach a string between two nails on the walls and tie colorful yarn along the length of the string, allowing them to cascade down naturally. You can change the heights and colors to create interesting and visually pleasing patterns on the wall this way.

Floor to ceiling cobweb yarn art

floor to ceiling

Remember those spider cobwebs that stretch from floor to ceiling? Here’s your chance to recreate that with colorful yarn for a more pleasing look. Place nails along the wall’s height as well as along the length of a beam on the ceiling. Criss cross colorful strings of yarn between the nails on the wall and the beam, creating a stunning cobweb effect. You can expand to the other areas of the house gradually as well.


There are so many ways in which you can use yarn to decorate your home. The ideas mentioned above are just a few pointers we wanted to share with you. You can choose to follow them or take them as inspiration to create your own designs at home.

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