Vigo Lamp with the classic lampshade’s conical shape

Developed from the prototype “Conica”, the Vigo Lamp is designed by David Chipperfield.If you are someone who has a penchant for those old cone shaped lamp designs, you are going to love Vigo Lamps.

Vigo Lamp with a classical form

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Vigo Lamp is a design created by David Chipperfieldfor the Artemide Group. Through this design, the designer has tried to reinterpret and bring the old fashioned, traditional lampshade shape (cone) into modern home décor. As modern homes have a way different style of interior decoration if compared to the traditional homes, David has tried to play well with the conical shape and has given it a modern trendy appearance.

Conical shape with a twist

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Vigo lamp is a lampshade that has a classic conical shape with a modern twist, i.e. one cone embedded within another. Both the cones are made of different material that gives it a very cool and a unique manifestation.The outer cone is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass with a white band at its edge.

The white band accentuates the difference of material and size of the inner and the outer cone.The material enables one to see the inner cone shade that is made of black metal. The inner cone made of metal gives the lamp a heavy and a sturdy feel, whereas the outer transparent cone gives it a light and an airy feel.

Purpose the cones serve

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Both the cones have equal contribution to make towards the aesthetic appeal of the lamp but there is something more to it as well.Technically, the two cones play an integral role in directing and diffusing the light.From the light source, the light flows from the first cone that is narrow in comparison to the outer cone, and then to the outer cone finally coming out and illuminating its surroundings.

Variations of Vigo Lamp

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Designed to suit every type of home décor, the Vigo Lamp comes in three variations – the Vigo Floor, Vigo Suspension, and the Vigo Wall. You can pick the one that suits your home décor style and your needs the best. The Vigo Floor comes with a mount that you can adjust as per your requirement so you get its optimal performance. The Vigo Wall is a smart piece with a strong design and the rising and falling design of the cord makes it even more special.

The Vigo Lamp has a special design consisting of two cones, the inner and the outer. Both the cones vary in their material, size, and appearance, thus giving the lamp a unique design.

Source : DesignBoom.Com

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