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Bath Safeguard to detect water temperature

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Testing the temperature of the water in the bathtub is no longer your job. This absolutely handy device from Lite-On Technology has taken over that responsibility. Aptly named the Bath Safeguard and designed by Kai Yi Chen, this waterproof product is all that’s needed to measure how hot or cold the bath water is. Armed with an electrostatic induction charger and a heatproof silicon plug , this wonder device includes a thermal sensor and Light Emitting Diodes. A special color reference chart that serves as the temperature indicator comes with the product. The Bath Safeguard is capable of detecting a wide range of temperature, that extends from 81 to 113 degrees F.

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The light changes from blue to green and finally red according to the rise in temperature. The color blue indicates cold water with a temperature below 91 degrees F. It is advisable to take a dip when the water turns green, recording a moderate temperature of 91-102 degrees F. Red, on the other hand is a danger signal, with the water temperature rising beyond the 108 degrees F mark.
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Besides being a perfect substitute for the usual plug, this unique product also serves to illuminate the entire bathroom, thanks to the soothing colored water. That’s style added to safety! No wonder this device is the worthy recipient of the IDEA 2008 award at the Medical and Scientific Concepts Section.

Via : Techpin