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What We Need To Know About The Latest Orangery Design Trends

Orangeries used to be the prerogative of the rich but things have changed and now, everyone can have a lovely extension to their home. Orangeries are also not used to just grow plants but also as relaxing sunrooms. Latest orangery designs trends are worth taking a look at if you’re planning to build an orangery:

Eco-friendly style


Eco-friendly orangeries are a new design trend. The construction process is fast and far less disruptive. A glazed solar roof is combined with internal pelmets to house all electrics and lighting. Low maintenance uPVC units which are double glazed and white or four wood grains or dual wood grains also is possible.

Sliding /folding doors

To let in fresh air, the glazed walls can be opened up, by using sliding doors or bi-fold doors and many companies are providing this to their customers in a range of configurations and featuring thresholds which have an integrated drainage system. The aluminum frames are low maintenance and look sleek and chic, and can be powder coated in RAL colors.

Classic style

Orangery design trends may keep changing but there are some classic styles which are timeless and elegant. The classic styles look amazing and impart an old-world charm to your home. You could in fact have the best of both worlds by incorporating full height doors and windows, which are part of modern design trends. You may further have a classic roof with cresting and detailing. Classic styles can be seen in many orangeries in Europe, specially Austria and France and you may be inspired to design a unique orangery of your own, combining modern and retro styles.

Modern style orangery design

Modern styles are minimalistic and function more as sunrooms rather than a place to grow plants in. Keeping this in mind, designers try to get as much natural light in as possible resulting in orangeries which look stunning and welcoming at the same time. Thus, modern style orangeries are designed to get you in touch with the outdoors, and have a space to distress and relax at home. 

The glass house


To maximize light, traditional timber roofs have been replaced by glass roof solutions like laminated glass roofs. Glass roofs along with glass walls and doors compose designs which are breathtaking. Glass orangeries are energy efficient too, as insulated glass can be used to control the heat, and solar options are available too, to convert the sunrays into energy you require. 

Curved spaces

Organic lines are on trend and the unusual curved fronts are striking to look at. Materials commonly used are brick and timber and aluminum sliding-folding doors go round all the sides.


People have become more open to colorful additions to add some cheer to their homes. The conventional white is still popular but so are dramatic shades and earthy tones, and the result is stylish and contemporary. A glass and colorful painted wood combination is one of the latest orangery design trends.

The designs of orangeries have been evolving over time and the latest trends are exciting as they reflect the modern design sensibility enhanced by the most recent advances in the materials used.

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