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Unique Ideas For Using Terrariums In Your Home Décor

A piece of your garden can now liven up your room with its freshness and vitality, through a terrarium. These come in all sizes and are the latest trend in home décor and indoor plant displays. Forget planters and incorporate these tiny plantscapes to bring your favorite plants inside your home. While various shapes and innovative designs in the terrarium are available at local stores, you can also create your own tiny terrariums by reusing mason jars and other glassware at home.

  1. Lamp Terrarium


You can couple two things into one and create this beautiful masterpiece, which functions as both a lamp and a terrarium. Fill the glass container generously with rocks, pebbles, charcoal, and soil. Plant some seeds, or cover the soil with moss and leafy greens. Couple this terrarium with a low-heat sustainable light source in a lamp kit and you have your own little indoor garden. This innovative addition to your bedside will add a unique touch to the setting.

  1. Pair up smaller terrariums


Terrariums can be paired together or kept individually as ornaments. The pairs do not necessarily have to be alike. Use dissimilar shapes and sizes with different plants inside and keep them together at a single place. You can choose the belldome shaped terrariums for display on the dining table, or tray shaped terrariums for a mini-indoor garden with different plants. You can also pair the terrarium with beautiful and bright colored vases, artwork and other designs.

  1. Water terrariums


Not all plants require soil for growth and these are ideal for a water terrarium. Easily built, this piece of modern décor can be a great addition to your home. All you need for making these is a generous supply of beautiful pebbles and crystals, a water-growing plant, and a clear glass terrarium. Support the plant with the pebbles at the base and fill with fresh clear water.

  1. Hanging terrariums


Indoor terrariums can also be mounted on the roof to create a beautiful hanging indoor garden. Glass globes with hooks on the top can be mounted using reliable hangers and filled with colorful plants and pebbles for a beautiful effect. You can use succulent plants in these terrariums as these require lesser direct sunlight and water for their survival. Air plants are some plants that do not need regular water or soil for maintaining them. Immerse these in water once in a week for one hour and your work is done. These tiny plants can be used in athin bottle shaped glass terrariums and suspended from the roof.

  1. Upcycle some old stuff to make indoor terrariums


Wooden crates, mason jars, large mouthed bottles, plastic bottles, and plastic toys can all be reused with some creativity as indoor tiny terrariums for home décor. Plastic toys are hollow from the inside by cutting a small opening from the top half you can fill the inside with soil and pebbles to support your new upcycled terrarium. You can use old wide-mouthed bottles for creating a ship-in-a-bottle look with your indoor garden. Mugs and cups can serve as tiny terrariums for decorating.

  1. Geometric terrarium


Designs in geometric terrariums enhance the look of you home with their angular yet sophisticated look. These can be bought in different sizes and are a chic way to blend your indoor plant display with your contemporary indoor décor. Such patterns add a more industrial look to your indoor setting and can be bought with metal solder edges, or black or copper platinum coating. Mountable and casual display terrariums in geometric designs can be paired or displayed as individual ornaments.

Terrariums are cute indoor displays of plants and are the latest trend for bringing freshness and life into your décor. Using air-plants, water-plants, succulents or bloomers in innovative and uniquely designed terrariums can be a great way to bring the latest trend into your home.