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Window styles to brighten the living room and give elegant modern style

Windows can do more than just protect you from the elements. Windows undoubtedly brighten up a room, and can themselves act as a design element in your home. There are a variety of window styles you can choose from. The materials used to construct sturdy and durable windows vary from steel to toughened glass.

These windows are affordable too, which lets you have an elegant house, the likes of which only aristocrats could afford earlier. This is due to innovative manufacturing techniques which have evolved over time. Check out a few of these window styles which can help to select a style that suits you: 

Big windows with door


Surrounded by concrete structures, our homes and apartments lack natural light. And if the rooms are separated by solid walls, the light is reduced even more. To brighten your home a little, you can opt for big windows with a door, which can spread the light within your home.

Top to bottom windows can be constructed using thin steel frames as steel is quite strong and doesn’t require much upkeep, and is known for its longevity. It can be used in your balconies, and this can let in the maximum amount of sunlight, making your home light and airy. You can paint steel in any color you like and decide whether you would prefer a single glazed or double glazed finish.

Bay Windows

Bay windows have many advantages. If you like window seats and reading by natural light, these windows can be perfect for your home. The bigger size of the windows offers a good view of the outdoors, and the space beneath the window seats can be used as extra storage. You might even want to create cozy alcoves by incorporating bay windows in your home.

Landscape View Window

Your body needs light to function. Lack of natural light causes Vitamin D deficiency which can be quite dangerous. Large landscape view windows allow the maximum amount of light to enter your home. Having a single panel large glass window in your bedroom will fill you with positivity and snap you into action. Large glass windows can be used effectively in your kitchen and living room area, to reduce the use of artificial light during the day.

Big glass windows are finding favor with minimalistic designers all over the world, and they have used these windows successfully in designing trendy houses, especially if the outdoor is landscaped or have a unique feature they want to highlight. These windows act like a frame to the stunning views outside the home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows will fulfill your need for fresh air as well as light. These windows are hinged from the top, and can be opened outward to let refreshing gusts of air in, from the bottom, right or left. Awning windows can be installedalong the side, or on top of or below an operating or stationary window.

Lift and slide door

The lift and slide doors act as a window and door, both. These windows / doors helps to give the impression of larger floor space than you actually have. They facilitate seamless outdoor to indoor transition. The lift and slide doors provide an unobstructed view, as they are constructed out of materials which manage to disappear into the background. They are easy to operate and look great too.

Folding Glass Doors

These glass doors can be used as patio doors. Folding glass doors can have four glass panels, two of which are neatly folded inside the walls to give you the advantage of the biggest possible opening, while using the minimum amount of floor space.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Moving glass wall systems can be integrated with other windows in your home. They are available in bi-fold, pocket or stacking styles to go with your design ideas. Of course, as with other big windows, glass wall systems fill your home with air and light.

From lovely bay windows with window seats and sophisticated patio door cum windows, or glass windows which slide smoothly into place, you can take your pick from any of these windows styles to match your lifestyle.