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Shape shifting chairs for décor conscious folks

Our living rooms are filled with beautiful chairs which look good but are mostly not very comfortable. And those chairs which are comfy are rarely easy on the eyes – and make aesthetically unfortunate additions to a drawing room.

Bean bags cannot be placed next to a fancy ottoman or that lovely antique piece you have. But now, a few chairs have been designed in such a way that you can sink right into them, and as they’re great to look at, they can fit into any décor. Check a few chairs which can shift their shapes to fulfil your requirements of style and purpose: 

Breathing Chair 

The “Breathing Chair”, the brainchild of Yu-Ying Wu, a Taiwanese designer is a chair designed to fit into the classiest of living rooms, while having all the advantages of a bean bag. The designer has won acknowledgement from her peers in the design world and some distinguished design awards.

The chair shifts its shape into an armchair from its cubical shape, if someone sits on it. This is made possible by the calculated holes spread in the three layers of plastic foam. The “Breathing Chair” may be a nice addition to your living room.


Sensei is a dual-purpose piece of furniture. It can be converted easily and quickly into two sleek chairs from a coffee table, or the other way round. It fits into the latest movement in furniture design, which is to design multi-purpose furniture, to utilize the minimum amount of space.

Claudio Sibile, an industrial designer from Uruguay came up with “Sensei”, says it was an accidental design, growing from abstract geometrical forms. The black-white chairs reminds one of the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, which reflects dualities in nature. By turning the chairs onto their sides, one can transform the chairs into a coffee table.

Shapeshifting Sofa

The Shapeshifting Sofa or Cay Sofa is a novel innovation in sofas from Alexander Rehn, a Swiss designer. He designed the sofa to accommodate the different postures of sitting on a sofa, and also to anticipate postures a person might gradually sit in, making this sofa one-of-a-kind.

Cay Sofa, appears to be upright, but when someone sits, the form of the sofa changes by folding or shifting, and provides the required support. A few cleverly placed hinges and some angled legsmake the sofa seem to magically shift its shape as it accommodates the person sitting on it.



The “Exocet” is a unique chair. Designed by Stephanie Leathead from Montreal, it has identical slats which are assembled on a rotating cylinder, letting users change the shape of the chair according to their needs or whims.

Lying down flat on the stomach or lying on the back looks to be quite comfortable and strain free. It can be used to sit upright too and one can sit / lie down on this chair in any position, with the chair providing the maximum support.

Roombots the Shape-shifting Motorized Chair


Bots have begun to venture in most areas of our lives, and furniture is no exception. The bots are modules which can attach and detach from each other, as they self-reconfigure and self-assemble.

The project has been developed mainly to help the elderly, as they might interact with them and help them in case they are in an accident. The bots can stack themselves in a corner as a box or something else, which will not be in your way.


“Chool” is probably named that way as it is a stool and a chair both. It can be used as a stool and hidden from sight underneath any desk or worktop and when requires, the backrest can be pulled out to function a chair, letting you rest your back. This cool chair can be used whenever you want an extra chair, and it can be out of stored out of sight easily, if you choose to do so.

We hardly ever sit upright on our sofas – slouching and curling up or sleeping is more the norm, unless there’s company of course! These new chair designs which can shift their shapes can help to provide comfort, as well as fit in with your stylish décor.