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WIPI Phone-Telephones get a makeover!


The increasing craze of cellphones has killed the telephone or I won’t be wrong in saying that these have injected a slow poison in the life of telephones. But as the saying goes-Old is gold, this communicating device didn’t totally vanish and it has again come back as a part of our homes. It’s back with a bang! Designer Bon-Seop, Ku has a designed a beautiful “” that’s too cute to be ignored! Designed to sit on your countertop, kitchen table, or bedroom shelf, this cute telephone is blessed with an ethernet jack, usb jack, power jack at the back of its body, handle on the top, number pad in the front, video screen, video camera, time display and touch screen. What else, it’s cool design doesn’t beg for words. Mere glimpse at it spills the magic.

Via: Yankodesign

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