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Zencrate smart home product can help your pet from depression and anxiety

Just like humans, even dogs suffer from anxiety and depression. It becomes worse when they hear the sound of fireworks or even thunderstorms. Due to this, they often undergo a lot of trauma which deprives them from leading a happy life. Pet owners or parents who have dogs that are prone to anxiety or depression understand how difficult it is to handle your furbie during that particular time. Well now, you can take care of the anxiousness and depression your pooch faces with the Zencrate smart home Dog crate.

What triggers anxiety and depression in dogs

Statics show that on an average, there are around 17% dogs that have anxiety and depression problems, the trigger factors in most of them are either the fear of loud noises like firecrackers or thunderstorm, or anything else that triggers a loud noise. Another major reason why dogs develop such problems is separation anxiety. To handle such dogs, a person has to be very patient and should have the ability to calm their furbie down.

Let us look at the design of the Zencrate

This crate is designed to help your dog calm down in case it is anxious or depressed. Anxiety in dogs is very common, and although you do have medicines that can help your dog to calm down, there is nothing better than going natural.

To help pet owners or pet parents on this front, this smart cage comes in very handy. The design of this cage comes with built in sensors, a variety of soothing sounds, reduced light and other such features. If you look at the design of this crate, it has a wooden exterior and a nice opening so that your dog can easily go in.

Another good thing about the design is that you can place it and use it as a side table, which makes it a multifunctional choice. The enclosure is designed to ensure that it blocks any external noise; so that your dog can relax easily when they are inside.

The built-in sensors automatically detect the minute the dog steps inside and music start playing immediately. Furthermore, the reduction of light helps the dog to relax which makes it ideal for daytime use. Another good feature that is incorporated in the design is the special damping Technology that can sense digital vibrations caused by heavy machinery, thunderstorms, and even Fireworks.

Benefits of the Zencrate

This crate is an organic solution and a great alternative for pet owners who do not want pump in too much of meditation, which can have side effects in the long run on the overall health of the dog.

Considering that, not every dog easy to handle when it comes to medication, this crate does not require the pet owner/ parents to physically be there. This means that it saves you the trouble of administrating medicine.

The design and Technology of this crate helps to provide immediate relief from anxiety and depression faced by dogs. It also has a detachable door, which can be kept aside when not in use.

The built-in WI-FI camera, ability to gather data as well as the benefit of receiving regular notifications or alert allows you to keep a track of your dog, its health and well-being even when you are not at home.

It comes with a special orthopedic memory foam cushion/mattress/bed, which automatically adjusts to the weight and shape of the dog. This also helps in ensuring that your dog gets enough sleep, and that too in a comfortable position.

Another striking feature of this crate is that its internal temperature is easily maintained with the help of a fan that automatically activates whenever the dog is in proximity.

With so many features and benefits what more do you need

Just knowing the fact that your dog is safe even when you are not around, can take out a lot of stress from your head. With the Zencrate, not only do you no longer have to worry about your dog’s depression or anxiety problems, but since this is a safe way to help you dog to relax, you can be sure that in the long run your dog will not have any health effects caused by administrating medicines. This investment on the overall is worth every penny spent if you are looking at a safe way of protecting your furbie and ensuring that it lives a long, healthy and stress-free life.