10 Excellent Indoor Plants That are Beautiful and Useful

indoor plant

Indoor plants can do more than decorate a living space. Many indoor plants can, in fact, benefit their immediate surroundings by cleaning the environment around them. Here are some indoor plants that you can consider setting up inside your home for a cleaner, safer and a more beautiful living space.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Loaded with medicinal properties, Aloe Vera contains long pointed leaves that can grow at least 3 feet high. Smaller varieties however, can grow to smaller heights.

Growing Conditions: You can grow Aloe Vera in room temperature in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Do not water frequently as the plant requires dry soil.

  1. Pothos

The air purifying qualities of this indoor plant can help clean indoor air. It can be grown as a climbing plant in a hanging basket as well.

Growing Conditions: Pothos can grow well in different lighting conditions, normal room temperature and dry soil. All it needs is regular trimming to cut down the length of the leaves.

  1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant


Image Source : costafarms.com

One of the easiest plants to grow indoors, the snake plant is also called ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’ owing to its upright variegated leaves.  The tiny white flowers blooming on rare occasions offer a nice look to an indoor space.

Growing Conditions: Like the plants mentioned above, the snake plant can also grow well in different lighting conditions and in normal room temperature with dry soil.

  1. Spider Plant

Adding great visual interest to a room, the spider plant is available in different varieties and can be grown as floor or hanging plants.

Growing Conditions:Spider plants like moist soil and medium to bright lighting conditions. They grow well in room temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees.

  1. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Image Source : flowersbymadison.com

Easy to grow and interesting to look at, the Jade Plant comes with thick, lush leaves that grow slowly. The plant can be easily grown in a pot and paired with other similar plants with ease.

Growing Conditions: The Jade plant can thrive well in dry soil. It also grows well in normal room temperatures and under bright lighting conditions.

  1. Peace Lily

Offering a lovely indoor look with dark leaves and white blooms, this easy to grow plant is the best bet when it comes to growing a no fuss plant.

Growing Conditions: Suitable to grow in low light conditions, the peace lily can thrive even in rooms with no windows. It prefers standard temperatures, low humidity and moist soil for good growing conditions.

  1. Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Heart-Leaf Philodendron


Image Source : aspca.org

Good to grow on shelves and mantles, the heart leaf philodendron has dark green leaves that grow down in heart shaped curves.

Growing Conditions:The heart lead philodendron can grow in several lighting conditions and standard room temperatures. It prefers dry soil, needing occasional watering.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Resembling a violin or fiddle, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great indoor tree that can create a visual point of interest in the room.

Growing Conditions:Growing well in room temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees, the fiddle leaf fig tree prefers medium lighting conditions and dry soil.

  1. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy

Image Source : img.clipartfest.com

A great indoor flowering plant, the Gerbera Daisy removes the trichloroethylene emitted by household furniture and furnishings as well as the benzene emitted by inks.

Growing Conditions: The Gerbera Daisy prefers bright light and well- drained soil via well placed drainage holes in the pot. The leaves require misting at least a few times in a week as well.

  1. Chrysanthemum

These colorful blooms can look great in an indoor space. They also do a great job in filtering out the benzene found in paint, plastics, detergent products and plastics, etc.

Growing Conditions:Chrysanthemums love direct sunlight and can thrive on window sills. Be sure to choose an indoor variety, i.e. a floral mum that is most suited for indoor spaces.

There are a variety of plants that can thrive well in indoor conditions. These plants also do a good job of helping their surroundings in several ways.

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