Exclusive kitchen cabinet designs

Exclusive kitchen cabinets

Kitchen these days have seen a tremendous makeover in trends and designs. Following the same recent trends, we keep on bringing to you unique and innovative designs that are hard to miss. They don’t only look appealing but also lend a comfortable charm to the kitchen. Here, we have listed some exclusive and exceptional kitchen cabinets. You cane get inspiration from this diverse collection and model your kitchen according to your taste and style.

1. Dramatic oak kitchen Melograno by Composit

Dramatic oak kitchen Melograno

One of the matchless styles is the Dramatic oak kitchen. It gives a bold look and functional style to the kitchen. It is designed by Leone Mazzari. Colors and transitional styles are qualities of the Melograno kitchen. This linear design is based on open concept houses and its red painted oak cabinets offer a lot of storage space. The handled door faces reflect a modern approach. The kitchen comes in 11 different colors including natural wood tones.

2. Modern kitchen cabinets with European soul by Spazzi

Modern kitchen cabinets by Spazzi

Next we have Modern kitchen cabinets with European soul by Spazzi. It gives a chic and contemporary look to the kitchen with corrugated cabinet fronts and stainless steel. This kitchen looks cool and has lots of concealed storage space. These cabinets combine modern simplicity with a fashionable flair. Spanish kitchens are exotic and lively. Spazzi is one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in Spain with distribution chains in Europe, Mozambique, Argentina, Morocco, Angola, Canada, and U.S.

3. Italian Kitchen Cabinets by Cof Cucine

Segmento Italian kitchen cabinets

Italian Kitchen Cabinets by Cof Cucine looks, elegant, simple but unique. The design has radiates geometrical synchronization with natural lava stone, steel, wood, and aluminum. Straightness and gallant linearity motivates this kitchen.

4. Musical kitchen cabinet by Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen

We have Musical kitchen cabinet by Harman Kardon next. This kitchen is best known for its artistic design and extravagant looks. It has a high performance in-built audio system which is concealed at the back of kitchen doors cabinet and there is a small screen, like that of an iPod, where one can see what is being played. Not only this, there is an incorporated docking station which allows to connect to the music device and play via CD, iPod, cell phone and MP3.

5. Butterfly Red Kitchen by Fiamberti

Butterfly Red Kitchen by Fiamberti

Butterfly Red Kitchen by Fiamberti is one of the distinctive styles that one can opt for. This modern kitchen qualifies to fall in the ‘luxury’ category. It has a great choice of material. The ebony refined masterpiece gives a metropolitan touch and is fit for open spaces.

6. Contemporary gray matte laminate kitchen cabinet

Mizuya Kitchen Cabinet

One can also choose the Contemporary gray matte laminate kitchen cabinet. This kitchen reveals that gray is a perfect color to match modern and simple interiors and synchronizes well with the stainless steel appliances. The cabinets are sober and stylish. The kitchen can be made livelier by adding bright elements to the color.

7. Remote controlled kitchen cabinet

Remote controlled kitchen cabinetry

Remote controlled kitchen cabinet is also a great choice for hi-tech kitchen fans. With just a click of a button, the cabinetry opens up. This kitchen is totally remote controlled. The cabinets are programmed with wireless touch screen gadgets. The biometric security is child-proof. There is an “intelligent memory” which senses when to close numerous drawers and repeal the opening order. It also has programmed cabinets which close as one leaves the kitchen.

8. Contemporary light wood kitchen cabinet

Contemporary light wood kitchen cabinet

The above featured Contemporary light wood kitchen cabinet elucidates the texture of wood to add more details to the interior design of furniture. Wood never goes out of style and it offers a rich traditional appeal.

9. Elegant Stainless Steel Design by Ernestomed

Elegant Stainless Steel Design by Ernestomed

Elegant Stainless Steel Design by Ernestomed is an eco friendly kitchen smartly designed with a touch of modern style. The cabinet has stainless steel material which is tough and long lasting. It has three level cabinets to give more capacity to keep utensils. This kitchen is corrosion and stain defiant and reliable.

10. Micro Cabinets

Miro Cabinets

Miro Cabinets are one of the modern kitchens which are using innovative technology. They look simple yet stylish. It also incorporates convenient and space saving features so that tasks can be performed at a faster pace and in a much easier manner.

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