10 Simple Home Security Tips You Must Remember

Home security is one of the foremost concerns of any homeowner. Protecting your home is protecting your family and valuables. There are some people who won’t take vacations because they fear their house is going to be broken into in their absence. Though most of us aren’t that extreme, still, we do think twice before leaving the house, for short or longer periods of time.

There are a few ways in which you can secure your house, and these do not necessarily mean you have to install the latest in security systems. Read on to find out about some home security tips, which you must remember, to protect your home better:

  1. Changing the locks


This is a very necessary measure if you have just bought a house, as you never can guess if there is a duplicate key of your house with someone, even if the agent may convince you otherwise. Change all the locks in your house and preferably, replace them with deadbolts and stronger doorknobs.

  1. Secure the windows 

Apart from the entryways, the windows are the next preferred entrance through which burglars enter the house. Ensure that all the windows in your home can be locked firmly. Check the windows of the first and second stories too, and try to open them from the outside by prying them loose. Take the necessary steps to secure the windows. If there is a shed, garage or strong branch of a tree which makes your windows accessible, secure these too.

  1. Don’t open the door 

Don’t open the door

Do not open the door to anyone you don’t know. There are many burglars who knock on doors to assess the size and number of people living in the home. There are many crooks that may ring the bell and conduct fake surveys, just to check you out and maybe, get a glimpse inside the house.

  1. Don’t let anyone know of your travel plans 

There’s no need to let anyone know you’re planning to be away from your house for a considerable amount of time, not days but even a few hours. It’s best if you do not post “Going to the mall” or “Hawaii, here I come!” on social media, as the wrong kind of people may access that information, and break into your house.

  1. Tell the police

 Tell the police

If you’re going to be away on a vacation, you might inform the local police, as they can drive by on their patrol and keep an eye on your place.

  1. Activate timed lighting devices and TV 

A well-lit bright home can deter burglars. You can install motion sensor lights which are activated when someone walks on your property. Lights around the home will discourage anyone looking for a hiding spot. You can set the timer on your TV to be on during the night to make it seem as there is someone at home.

  1. Trim the bushes and lawn


Overgrown trees, bushes and lawns give an unkempt look, whether you are at home or not. They also provide thieves a place to hide. Maintaining your lawn and yard will make your home difficult to be robbed. Make sure your doors and windows are clearly visible from the street, as this may help prevent a break-in – after all, no burglar likes to be seen.

  1. Install a professional security system 

Installing a security system makes sense, as professional monitoring of the doors, windows and your property will become inaccessible to unwanted people. Security signs outside the house also take your home off the radar of thieves and burglars, to a great extent. You could install remote locking systems which you can control with your smartphone, from any location.

  1. Place dog signs


Whether you have a dog or not, it’s a good idea to put up signs that says you do. Many different kinds of signs are sold online and you can choose one you like to display on your property.

  1. Be at home for deliveries 

If you have a delivery coming, you should be at home to receive it, as it can otherwise send the wrong signals to thieves. Also, stop all paper and mail deliveries when you’re going on vacation.

If you have taken proper measures for the security of your home and are conscious about following smart safety habits, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure.

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