16 Best Easter Decoration Ideas for 2020


Every year we always plan to do something new for the festive seasons. Easter is one such festive that brings families and friends together. It is also that time of the year wherein you can get really creative and plan your Easter party accordingly. From Easter bunnies to Easter eggs and a special Easter menu; everything is incomplete without the decoration. Here are some Easter decoration ideas for 2020 that you can use this year. These ideas are fun, easy to make and is a great way to get the kids to be a part of the festive season. Read on to find out some creative ideas that you can use to decorate your house.

1. Pierced ceramic eggs

Pierced-ceramic-eggsWant to break free from the regular Easter decorations, well, why not opt for ceramic one’s. In this idea, you can make ceramic eggs in different colors, sizes and designs.  Paint them in whatever color you want and arrange them in a basket. You can also choose to place them as centre pieces by making a beautiful Easter egg tree. If you want, you also have the option of making large sized eggs and place them in the front porch or near the main entrance. This is one of the most versatile Easter home décor that you can blend in with any theme.

 2. Gold Bunnies DIY Easter decoration ideas for 2020

Want to use the bunny figurines you have with you? Now you can make your very own Gold Bunnies and add an interesting twist in your home décor. You have the choice of using spray paints or even metallic colors and paint the bunnies the way you want. To add the special touch use ribbons to tie a nice bow. To take your DIY idea to another level, use ferry lights and make them like small table lamps.

 3. Copper and concrete Easter bunny table decoration

Pierced-ceramic-eggsThis is one idea that not many people know of. It would match best with your own Easter bunny cake. All you need for is quick cement and copper wires. With this idea you can let your creative run wild. You can use the copper wires to make a nice outline of the whole body; or, just for the ears and eyes. To take it another notch higher, use glitter glue or metallic paints. Use beads or buttons to create the eyes instead of just carving them out. This will give a nice appeal and appearance to your figurine.

 4. Egg-citing ScuculentEaster decoration ideas for 2020

Want to bring in some life into your Easter decorations? Then. This is another perfect way to do so. All you need are some clean egg shells, paints and small indoor plants or succulent plants. You can use an egg paper or plastic egg tray to place the egg planters. Color the shells in different colors and place some soil. Then plant the succulent plants and make your very own centre piece. To make it more interesting, you can also opt for large sized ceramic eggs and place your indoor plants in them.

 5. A vertical garden of Easter eggs

A-vertical-garden-of-Easter-eggsWant to bring some of your outdoor Easter decoration indoors; then, why not go for a vertical garden with clay eggs. Instead of using the normal sized planters for your vertical garden; this festive season opt for Easter eggs and bunny planters. This way you can easily stick to the Easter theme and at the same time give your garden a new look. Make the Easter eggs and bunnies from materials like concrete, ceramic or potters clay. Paint them in different ways to add that special touch.

 6. Mason jar Easter decoration ideas for 2020    

Are you tired of the traditional looking mason jars? Well, you can opt for this creative Easter home décor. For this you would need some cardboard paper, mason jars, paints and other such arts and craft accessories. Cut the cardboard into large sized Easter eggs and stick them on the mason jar. Similarly, you can also cut small sized eggs and place them inside. Decorate the jars with plastic flowers, colored sand and other such innovative ways.

 7. The Wildflower bunny and egg wreath Easter decoration ideas for 2020

egg-wreath-Easter-decorationWant to place an innovative and creative décor idea on your front door? Why not go for a wreath made from wildflowers and Easter elements. In this idea, you can use the base of leaves or plastic grass, add some wildflowers. Then, make small bunny and egg ornaments and hang them around the wreath. This is a beautiful and simple way to decorate your front door and welcome your friends and family for your Easter celebrations.

 8. The Easter egg tree centrepiece table decoration     

Planning to host a family dinner or lunch; then, you can use this idea. Decorate your table with beautifully designed Easter egg trees and make them the focal point of your dining table. If you plan to have an outdoor party; then, you can also add streamers and ferry lights to make the ambience more festive.

 10. Bunny Balloons for the kids

Bunny-Balloons-for-the-kidsIf you have kids in the house, decorating the place for Easter can be challenging., This idea helps you to make things more interesting for kids. Instead of regular balloons, opt for large sized bunny balloons. Use cardboard cut pieces for the ears and give a nice bunny shape to the balloons. You can even put 1930s Children’s clothing on the balloons to make them look even cuter. This is also a perfect thank you gift that the kids can take home once the party is over.

 11. Candle holder Easter decoration ideas for 2020

If you have some old shells from last years decoration, you can convert them into beautiful candle holders. These Easter egg decorations make a perfect addition to dining table. Moreover, they are also a perfect option if you plan to spend a nice Easter evening with your partner or spouse. It will add the touch of romance even during Easter.

 12. Bunny Pinata outdoor Easter decoration

Bunny-Pinata-outdoor-Easter-decorationDuring any get together, there is no fun if there are no games. Well, one of the best ways to stick to the Easter theme is by opting for a bunny pinata. Fill the pinata with some goodies or innovative Easter themed homemade chocolates. Even when you plan to blindfold the player, have an Easter themed cloth. For the pinata design, choose differently sized bunnies and hang them in a single line. For a group task, place bunny pinatas in different sides of the garden so that it becomes more interesting.

 13. Signboards Easter decoration ideas for 2020

Welcome your guests in style by placing different signboards that relate to Easter. You can also put some funny Easter quotes and one liner. Make the signboard more fun by choosing different elements of Easter like the bunny face, full bunny figurines, half or full eggs, carrots and other such fun filled designs.

 14. 3D paper Easter home decor      

3D-paper-Easter-home-decor-Break free from the regular Easter decorations and go for these 3D ideas. With a few folds, creative cuts and interesting color combinations; you can make different colored eggs and bunnies for your Easter decoration. Hang them around the house or even make a streamer to place them outdoors. You can also use this idea to create a beautiful large sized Easter tree and place the gifts under it. In fact, this is also a perfect way to decorate your ferry lights so that it matches the festive mood.

 15. Gift wrap the gifts and bunny packs in style

Want to say a thank you in style; well, why not gift wrap the gifts with bunny ears. Choose floral based gift-wrapping paper and shape the gifts accordingly. If you want, you can also use cloth to wrap the gifts and use ribbons to give it that finishing touch. This is also one of the Easter decoration ideas for 2020 that will even act as a home décor idea and will not cost much.

 16. Easter bunny bags table decoration

Easter-bunny-bags-table-decorationIf anyone wants to take some of the leftovers, you can make fun filled Easter bunny bags from cloth or paper. Even if you do not want to give any leftovers and planning to put some chocolates and cookies; then, you can put them in these bags and hand them ever to the kids. If you are using paper, you can dray the bunny face or place a small white pom pom to make the bunny tail.

 A final note on Easter decoration ideas for 2020

Be it indoor or outdoor Easter decoration; you have a variety to choose from. The above-mentioned ideas or suggestions are just some of the many that are there in the market. Why waste money on buying new decorations when you can actually make them yourself. When you customize and personalize your decorations; it gives that extra special touch and also helps to get the children excited for Easter. Moreover, it is also a beautiful way to get the family involved in the Easter festive mood. Easter is a time when all your loved ones come together. Why not make it more fun and interesting by adding some of these decoration ideas.

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