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5 Creative decisions for your house using linear actuators

An actuator is a simple mechanism used to switch something on or off, move things up and down, pull and push things to specific positions or places. According to www.progressiveautomations.com, actuators help improve the quality of life in a number of ways. For example, allowing windows to open when there is too much light streaming through the window, adjusting a bed to make it comfortable, and in the kitchen to move knife blocks, spice racks and glassware racks.

Force linear actuator


This is a small device installed at home useful for lifting television sets, drawers, lever and flaps to locations preferable individuals in the house.

Linear Actuators Tout Electronic control


The change of electronic position control provides a reasonable chance to incur less development expenses. The redesigning ofthe basic motion control solutions involves number of house engineers and system integrators.

Automated kitchen cabinet


A kitchen cabinet moves up or down depending on individual demands.This allows individuals with varying heights to access the cabinets easily. The people on wheelchairs and those who are not able to access the top cabinets opt to implement the design of the kitchen cabinet that can suit the needs of everybody. Automatic actuators and a wireless remote control will offer the best solution for such individuals.

Force linear actuator


This device uses metal lead screw parts.  The IP64 which rates environmental moisture makes sure dust does not enter the house using available housing alternatives of carbon and aluminum fiber.

Linear actuator LA14


A range of Linear Actuator LA14 is a multipurpose product. By advantage of its small size and powerful comprehensive function, it applies in furniture, medical equipment, and offices to regulate room temperature.


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