5 Things the Future of Home Automation Will Bring for You

Home automation is transforming simple houses into synthetic organisms. It is opening up new frontiers as companies have embedded artificial “IQ” in household appliances like refrigerators, TVs and washing machines, to name just a few. These smart automated machines connected to a single hub, operate with the help of local wi-fi or the cloud.

Almost everyone carries a smartphone and/or a tablet, which has allowed the home automation industry to develop products which can interact and be controlled by smartphones and tablets. So what does home automation have in store for you? Let’s talk about the 5 things which home automation will bring for you:

Better healthcare solutions


Healthcare solutions available now focus on prevention, through wearable devices that help by keeping track of your exercise. But if your fitness tracker were to be connected to the common hub, it could flash a message on TV, urging you to switch it off and g for a walk instead, based on whether you had completed the steps for the day.

More advanced devices are being designed, which would be connected to the user and the physician, sending real-time data and thus helping to avert / control medical emergencies. Intelligent toilets can calculate BMI, record the levels of insulin and glucose and more. People with chronic illnesses need not visit hospitals for tests as their vitals would be tracked via Bluetooth-connected watches and health monitors.

Increased indoor environment protection


Home automation of the future is expected to see more smart products which would enhance the environment indoors. Devices which monitor air quality would be in demand, as they would help in safeguarding against carbon monoxide and fires. Timely alerts sent to smartphones can help you to take immediate action to protect your family and home. Controlled air quality means less exposure to air pollution, thus helping to control pollution related allergies and illnesses.

Better home security


Advanced tech in the field of home security will help you as a homeowner to be more assured about the security of your home. Home security systems which are user-friendly are being developed, some can connect with multiple cameras and some have face recognition tech which would let you see whether there is a friend or an unknown person, on your smartphone, whenever there is someone at the door.

Reduced energy consumption leading to lower bills


Sustainable homes are the homes of the future and home automation can help in creating homes which see a reduction in energy use. As of now, we use energy generated from non-renewable sources, so it is important for homeowners to conserve as much energy as they can.

Smart thermostats that monitor and control the cooling, heating, humidity, lets users to control their systems through any device connected to the net. These thermostats also can lower or stop the heating / cooling of any room/s not in use, thus saving energy, leading to lower energy bills, and saving money. 

Integrated devices will increase convenience


We’ve all seen devices being controlled by speech in sci-fi movies. But now, with voice controlled devices available, you can enjoy the convenience of this feature too. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa allow homeowners to connect with their other automated devices through voice control. With IFTTT technology, (If This Then That), apps and devices can be connected to perform various functions with one command.

Automated devices work with their owners and other devices via a home automation program, like AlertMe, Nest or HomeKit. These home automation systems increase your comfort as you can control everything – from your TV, smart ovens and coffee makers, refrigerators and garage doors via these systems and your smartphone.

Electric vehicles and sprinkler systems, and your front door, you can control all of these with home automation systems.Water usage can be monitored too, thus allowing homeowners do their best to conserve resources and move towards sustainable living.

Advances in the field of home automation will usher in an era of convenience, comfort, safety and security, connected healthcare, keeping in view sustainability,letting homeowners conserve energy and enjoy reduced power bills.

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