Pebble stone decoration: Cool and creative way to decorate your home

Pebble stones decoration can be included in the interior and exterior of your home. Pebbles bring a natural element inside your home and you can create statement walls using pebbles. Pebbles are available in many different colors, and come in various sizes too, should you decide to decorate your home with pebbles.

Your courtyard would look beautiful by arranging pebbles in your garden. They are quite easily available and if you can’t find them in a color of your choice, you can paint the pebbles and design creative patterns, which look really distinctive.

Decoration with pebble stone (The Varieties)


Pebble stone decoration is possible with onyx pebble stones.These are available in many colors, and in polished and unpolished versions. Lovely colors like red, yellow, light blue, green, pink etc can be used to add some color to your interior. The polished stones can be used indesign panels on the walls and in landscaping.


Pebbles are easy to add some glamour into your décor. Here are some easy DIY projects using pebbles that might inspire you:

  • Tip 1

Stick some colored and polished pebbles onto a long container, which you have painted earlier. After it dries, fill in the spaces using tile grout, which are readily available in squeeze tubes in hardware stores. Your elegant vase is ready.

  • Tip 2

Create a spa-like rejuvenating ambience in your bathroom using tea lights and pebble decoration. Add some class by painting the pebbles in a lovely gold color and place them in a small platter, with the tea light placed in the middle.

  • Tip 3

Paint some fake cactuses and fill a pot with pebbles. Add the fake cactuses to the pot to get cactuses that last all year long.

  • Tip 4

Cut corkboards into coaster size, and paste some flat pebbles on them, after painting them. Your designer pebble coaster will impress one and all.

Using pebbles in your home décor

Pebbles are a natural element, which make your home and garden look grand. You can make small decorative pieces out of pebbles to place inside, or have statement walls indoors. Outdoors, you can landscape your garden using pebbles, which looks amazing. Simple designs look stunning and impress everyone. You can make your garden look interesting by choosing quartz, stone or beach pebbles.

Pebble in garden and path

Use your imagination to create a beautiful garden using pebbles along with plants and flowers. You can combine pebbles of different colors and shapes to make your garden look special. Fill empty spaces in your garden with pebbles and use them to design decorative paths and borders to enhance your garden.

Pebble Wall

Pebble tiles can be used in any wall of your home to give it the wow factor. It gives an element of surprise as a tall pebble wall inside your living room creates a bit of drama. You can install a pebble wall in your bedroom too. Pebble tiled walls have been used by many designers to great effect in powder rooms. They add a dramatic backdrop to vanities and other accessories.

Pebble Rug (floor decoration)

Pebble “rugs” are made out of pebbles but look exactly like rugs or carpets. Colorful mosaics can be created using pebbles either indoors or outdoors.

Pebble in bathroom floors

Pebbles can breathe life into your bathroom. They feel amazing too, when you walk on them. You could also buy bath mats made of pebbles, if you don’t want to change the entire floor.

Glass vase decoration

Pebbles in glass vases can be a really attractive centerpiece, especially if you top that with a succulent. However, pebbles placed in tall glass vases for your garden, creates an interesting element in your landscaping.

Pebble in swimming pool

Pebbles remind us of water, so why not use them in a swimming pool or bathtub? They look great and add a spa like feel to your home.

Pebble stone decoration lends itself to unique and creative ideas to decorate your home, indoors and outdoors. It can be used on wall, floors, centerpieces and in landscaping to make your home stand out.

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