5 Ways to weather-proof your home

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As the term ‘weather’ is a little deceptive when it comes to Australia (let’s be honest, the forecast is largely predictable), there is a very real and pressing need for the right kind of weather proofing. If the outside of a home is not given some protection from the harsh rays of the sun, it will start to peel, dry, and crumble very quickly.

While Nature can be a cruel mistress, high quality weather proofing is an effective way to even the score. It is not just the outside of your home that needs protection either. Your house should be somewhere that you can go to escape stuffy weather and soaring temperatures.

This guide to five of the best ways to weather-proof your home will help you work out how to create an oasis indoors.

Invest in All Weather Blinds

All Weather Blinds

With top quality all weather blinds, you can make full use of indoor spaces (and particularly conservatories), even when the sun is at its fiercest. They guard against high winds, harsh rays, and climbing temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about your windows turning your home into an oven.

If you invest in premium window blinds, with a sophisticated opening mechanism, you can respond to changes in the weather almost instantly. This is important, because just ten minutes of direct and unobstructed sunlight can heat a room up to an uncomfortable level.

Plant Leafy Trees and Vines

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Green and leafy plants are a great way to add shade to the outside of your home. They also help to keep direct sunlight away from windows. Make sure to plant them close to west facing walls, because this is where the sun is strongest.

If you live in area where the climate doesn’t change much throughout the year and temperatures remain high, add evergreen trees to your garden. They will provide a pleasing amount of shade all year round. Plus, they will also add interest and beauty to the garden.

Install Ceiling Fans

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While portable fans can be useful, if the climate is consistently hot, it doesn’t make sense not to invest in high quality ceiling fans. For maximum efficiency, make sure that your fans spin in a direction which pushes air down rather than pulling it up.

A nifty trick for anybody with poorly performing fans or only portable devices is to place a bowl of ice water in front of them. The fan will direct air over the water and it will instantly cool as it makes contact. This will, in turn, cool the environment much faster.

Paint in Neutral Colours

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Painting the exterior facades of houses in white is an age old trick to safeguard against the sun. It works too, so if you are eager to keep the property cool, you might want to think about a neutral paintjob. It does not necessarily have to be white, but it does need to be a light tone.

This trick will work for the inside of your home too. There is a good reason why so many Mediterranean properties are all decked out in white and cream. It is not a confession of poor imagination on the part of the interior designer, it is a way to deflect heat and keep rooms cool and comfortable.

Switch Off Appliances

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You can save money and lower the temperature indoors by switching off unused appliances. Large devices like computers and televisions produce a surprising amount of heat and it has nowhere to go once it has been generated. So, it merely circulates around the room and drives the temperature upwards.

If you need to use heat based appliances, like washing machines and tumble dryers, try to restrict this use to the evening. The temperatures will have fallen a little and the heat produced won’t be so unbearable. In fact, if you have the weather on your side, switch your dryer off completely and let nature do the job.

The Value of Effective Weather Proofing

Window blinds

If you live in an arid climate, it is always worth investing in effective weather proofing strategies. Window blinds are one of the best examples of this, because they respond to changes in the light. This means that glare is reduced and you don’t have to sit uncomfortably, with the sun in your eyes and living space that is too hot to be enjoyed.

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