6 Rules to go by when choosing a Home Insurance Company


You are buying a home to stay in for many years, even decades. You want the right protection, but with so many companies out there, it seems hard to pick just one. Use these six tips to choose a home insurance company that’s right for you.

  1. Search many companies1

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Don’t settle for just one insurance company if this is your first home. Many websites give comparisons of up to eight insurance companies. Also, check your junk mail instead of throwing it away. Some companies send out fliers to potential buyers and offer great deals. If you have insurance on your car with a provider, give them a look too. They might offer the right coverage for you.

  1. Check out consumer reports and reviews

Not all insurance companies are equal. Check out pages like Assurant Review to see if a company has great customer service and the comments show the policies are a great value for the money. Other websites check the claims history of an insurance company, seeing how long it takes for a claim to go through.

  1. See exactly what they cover

Many people get home insurance thinking it will cover everything in the home, and that is not the case. Insurance covers damage to the structure of the home and living costs if you are unable to stay. Theft and damage to personal items are also covered, but it depends on the value of the items and how much they allow. Flooding and earthquakes are an extra cost, especially if you live in an area where these occur frequently. It is costly for these other items, so remember that.

  1. Check for discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts for buying multiple insurances, such as home, auto, and life. It means all your information is in one place, and you develop a relationship with the company that lasts for years. Companies might offer discounts after being with them for a certain amount of time. Also check for discounts if you are a part of the military or if you’re a senior.

  1. Ask Family and Friends

For first-time homebuyers, the process of buying insurance is overwhelming. Reach out to someone you know who has had insurance for a while, such as your parents or a close friend. They know about their insurance company, whether they like them or are thinking of switching, and give you tips on what type of coverage to get for your home.

  1. Trust Your Instincts

After going through and reviewing home insurance companies, spend time with a company to get a feel for what they do. Get a free quote with an agent, and while you’re there, take a look around the office. Is it a clean environment? Are the agents friendly when you come in, or do they look frustrated? When speaking to the agent, are they engaging, or do they want you to sign on the dotted line now? If they don’t seem good, move on.

These six tips help you narrow down the right home insurance company for you. You’ll find a great fit to protect your home for as long as you own it.

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