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6 – Small bathroom design trends to watch

Small bathroom design trends to watch

It’s already 2019 and the new designs and trends in the home are already started making its place. Talking about the bathroom, it’s one place that should not be ignored as it is one of the most important spaces in your home. And for the bathroom, there are some designs and trends which are going to rule, these are worth trying. So let’s see some of the latest small bathroom design trends to watch out for which is taking the charge in the year 2019.

1.     Black is the new favorite

 Black is the new favoriteWith the change in the year, the bolder style and trends are coming in style. In recent years, Grey was the most famous colors for the bathroom remodeling projects but now the color concept is about to change and is it shifting into a bolder and darker shade. Yes, black is everyone’s favorite nowadays and its ruling the home industry with one of the tops in trends nowadays. Darker tones were seen everywhere in past years but now it is getting even darker and bolder and black tone is expected to see all around. This trend is more popular in bathroom fixtures, mirror frames and all in matte black. If you are afraid to provide darker tones, you can tone down and balance the look by providing grey fittings, tiles, and even all the accessories.

2.     Marble slabs with hidden drains

Marble slabsMarble slabs are always in fashion no matter what time of the year it is. The classy, timeless and sophisticated look of the marbles is something all crave to see in their bathroom. One of the newest concepts is the use of marble and hidden drains. People are going for hidden drains in their bathroom which is not visible as you come to enter the bathroom. The beautiful plumbing fixtures are still in fashion and will be going to shine in the coming years too. The walk-in showers can have a new place in the bathroom and also the large marble slab which will act to hide the drainage lines beneath. Use sandblasted for a non-slip surface in the bathroom which is always there in the bathroom. The marble flooring gives a nice touch of luxury with the nice flooring and matched walls look great with the marble finish.

3.     Bamboo Flooring

One of the latest and the newest addition in the housing industry is the bamboo flooring. It just looks great and gives a very nice look to your bathroom appearance. As per the interior designers, some of the bamboos can grow several inches every day. Yes, there is a slight growth in the size of the bamboo with the time and increases in size with time. And bamboo is one component which is renewable, natural and green material of the future which is also good to use as well. This is the reason, demands for use of bamboo in a small bathroom is increasing and more and more bathrooms are featuring bamboo flooring and furniture. For this look, get a trained designer to attach it to your bathroom so that it can be with you for years and years.

4.     Patterned tiles and shapes

Patterned tiles and shapesThe idea of basic tiles in your bathroom is changing with time and now it is going beyond the colors, pattern, and textures something more interesting and appealing. 2019 will be the renewal of tile with some more designs. From the basic tiles, subway tiles or large format tile on the walls, today there is a lot of varieties and designs to choose from. It’s not the same tiles, 2019 bathroom tile trends and designs are going to change in the coming years. There are some varieties like improved Hexagon, arabesque, diamond hasped design, the famous chevron pattern, Moroccan fish scales and many new colors and patterns in the market.

These all tile design are eye-catching and attracts anyone attention in seconds. Focus on some of the main points of the walls of your bathroom like behind the shower wall, backsplashes and also on the ceiling to create a bold statement and also put the attention on these focal points of your bathroom. It just makes your bathroom more appealing and beautiful and one of the best trends to try out in 2019

5.     Compact storage spaces

Compact storage spacesFor the small bathroom, one of the best ways to utilize your space is using compact storage spaces inside it. In this, you can keep your stuff in a smart way and it doesn’t look cluttered. The overcrammed and messy cabinets make a dull and boring appearance. 2019 is the time you should give your bathroom a refreshing look with a clean line, simple ways of life to minimize the storage and space. Small compacted storage idea, shelves, and cabinets simplify your space and give a sleeker look to your bathroom and space.  The clean space gives you a more relaxed and relived environment as the bathroom is the place where you relax and rejuvenate yourself, so the place has to be calming. Make smart arrangements for hidden cabinets and shelves which will open your space and gives a cleaner look to make it more organized.

6.     Pops of color to spice up your life

Small bathroom design trends to watchLastly, Bathroom interior design will provide some colors to your bathroom to make your small space bigger and larger. In the coming years, we expect to see an increase in colors and, accents, fixtures and more texture in the bathroom. Accessorize your bathroom and provide some of the colors into it like the blue bathroom, orange, yellow and even pink. Bathroom interior design trends 2019 will come up with some interesting and more colorful designs. The tone of blue is used for relaxation, yellow gives a calming effect, green brings the feel of nature and wellness and pink will make you energized as you enter the bathroom. Get some nice pop of colors to add to your bathroom for making it more attractive.