7 Classy Ways You Can Use LED Striplights to Decorate Your Home

Lighting plays a huge part in home décor. The correct lighting can highlight and enhance your décor. There are many options like LED striplights which youcan use instead of the drab lighting that merely exists without any sense of aesthetics.

Striplights look classy and are functional at the same time. You can wow everyone with the hip lighting which makes you seem that you’re someone who’s always on-trend, yet retaining your own personality and elegant taste. LED lights have opened up a new vista in home lighting. You can even add some automation to some ultra-high tech colored LED lights to add some drama in your home. Read on to get inspired to create your own stylish lighting in your home using LED striplights:

  1. Add striplights under bars and cabinets


Add a touch of drama to your bar using LED striplights. Install striplights under your bar, helping you to see better and allowing your bar look really dramatic and cool too. You could be more daring and add color changing LED light strip under your bar to have a festive air the whole year round. Under cabinets, the striplights let you see your silverware better, therefore these light strips are quite functional in the kitchen.

  1. Add striplights under beds and couches 

You might have seen glowing lights underneath the couches of hip lounges. Well, you can replicate the same effect in your home by adding LED striplights under the couches in your home. And at a cost which is far lower than the glowing lights you saw in the lounge. This new lighting will add a subtle glow to your living room, which is cool and sophisticated at the same time and enhance the ambience of the room a lot.

Adding LED light strips under the bed is a good idea as it serves as a very effective night light which is least intrusive yet functional. You’ll never have to bump against things in the night again!

  1. As silhouette lighting


Silhouette lighting uses the concept of negative space, together with the aesthetics of colored lighting. Instead of lighting up an entire ceiling or wall with a flood of light, you could silhouette the lights with a wooden cutout. You’d be really happy with the result – add colored LED striplights to any woodcut of your choice.

Kids would especially love this effect if you choose a kid-themed woodcut. And of course, it will look good in your sitting room, especially if you combine this with smart lighting systems connected to the web, and your lights can change according to your notifications. You could maybe set your lighting system to change according to the weather outside – that would be a really nice touch!

  1. Coffee tables 

Design a futuristic coffee table with thin and flexible LED striplights. You would no longer need a free standing light near your coffee tables, saving space which is especially handy when you have people over. If your entire room is fitted with LED striplights at different points, on walls, underneath couches etc, having a LED striplighted coffee table might lend a cohesive look to your décor.

  1. Mirrors


You might have seen in numerous movies the actor standing in front of a mirror framed by a lot of bulbs – these make-up mirrors used to stand for high glamour. You can welcome the very same glamour into your home by framing your mirrors in the dressing room or bathroom with LED striplights and feel like a celebrity.

  1. Stairs

Light up your open-riser stairway with LED lightstrips. This looks very classy and also saves you from toppling over in the darkness!

  1. The Deck


You can fit a number of LED striplights on your deck which serves to provide a dim lighting effect which looks spectacular in the night. You can use your deck to have some memorable parties, simply by using multi-colored LED light strips.

You can use LED striplights wherever you choose to, as they are flexible and can be twisted and turned or fitted straight as you may choose. LED lightstrips are classy and cool and may fit well with your home décor.

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