7 Easy tips for getting your pool area ready for some spring fun

Come spring and you will probably start cleaning the outdoor swimming pool in order to start entertaining guests (and probably yourself on a really hot day). However, merely cleaning the pool does not make it party ready. Here are seven awesome tips that would indeed make your swimming pool party ready in no time at all.

Clean out the Pool Patio

 Pool Patio

The party atmosphere would start right from the moment you step out those sliding doors onto the pool patio. So this would probably be the first area you would need to clean out. Remove all clutter and unneeded accessories from the area as this would be the place most of the guests would tend to relax on if they are not already in the swimming pool. Sweep the space, fill out any cracks and remove stains to make your patio look clean, cool and absolutely pool party ready.

Don’t forget the Shade


If you are hosting a party during the day, make it a point to set up some umbrellas around the pool. This way, your guests would not need to worry about standing under the hot sun once they get out of the pool. Opt for colorful umbrellas in striking patterns rather than the ones that come with bland, solid colors. This would add more pizzazz to the space instantly. Throw in some colorful beach towels and probably a comfortable cushion or two on the loungers and you have a pool area that is bursting with the party vibe.

Consider Installing a Pool Ladder

 lady on Pool Ladder

So your pool did not have a ladder till now? Consider installing one now. Chances are not many of your guests would be able to hoist themselves out of the water. Rather than having to swim to the shallow end of the pool (which can get overcrowded at times), they can use the ladder to get out of the deep end of the pool.

How about a Poolside Bar?

 Poolside Bar

A poolside party is never complete without a pool side bar. So consider repurposing an old cabinet or table as the poolside bar. Better yet, opt for a moveable bar positioned above a rolling cart that would make it easier for you to get it out when the party begins and then simply roll it away when the party ends. Want to make your bar look more authentic? Then consider creating a makeshift hut above the bar table with giant leaves to give it a Tiki feel.

Don’t forget the Pool Slide


Pool parties usually entertain kids as well. One of the best ways to ensure that these kids get their share of the fun as well as stay away from trouble is to install a pool slide on the shallow end of the pool. In addition to keeping the kids busy, the slide would also serve as an occasional roller coaster for a guest who wants to go back to his/her childhood days.

Planout your activities beforehand

pool area

You would need to arrange the available pool area space according to the activities you have planned out for the party. If you have ample space, consider going in for some large space activities like beach volleyball. If the space is limited however, consider keeping the large space activities to the pool instead. For instance, beach volleyball would become pool volleyball while you can use the land area for other small activities like playing darts or cards.

Provide Ample Lighting for Nighttime Parties

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - Benham Pool Party

If you are hosting a pool party at night, it is imperative that you arrange plenty of lighting to make the space as bright as possible. Remember, pool areas can become quite wet and slippery during a party. Providing ample lighting would prevent any unforeseen accidents due to the same. Attaching bright lights to the trees surrounding the pool will highlight the area nicely while the use of lanterns on the dining tables can provide light for the eating area. This way, you can ensure that your nighttime pool party is a hit without anyone getting hurt in the process.

Spring is probably the right time to start cleaning out your pool so that when summer hits, you will have a pool ready for entertaining guests day and night. From cleaning out the pool and the surrounding areas to providing ample lighting and installing fun equipment, these tips will ensure that your pool is party ready as and when the guests start arriving.

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