Picking the best colors for your home exterior

People are often more concerned with coloring the interiors of their homes than the exteriors. But a lot depends on the color scheme that you choose for the exterior walls. It determines the value of your property. If a neighbor chooses an odd color combination for the exteriors of their home, it will affect the property value of the entire area.

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In many areas, there are particular color codes for the exterior of houses. Even if there are no particular color codes you should choose exterior colors carefully according to the architecture of your house. Many factors play crucial roles in choosing exterior colors. In the following you will find tips regarding this matter.

Evaluate the personality of your home

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Your home speaks volumes about the people who reside in it. What kind of personality do you want to reflect? Try to evaluate the personality of your home. The geographic location of your home and the neighborhood you live in, all together forms the personality of your home. If you live in a quiet and serene neighborhood then the exterior colors should be more muted and calming. Choose a color combination that lifts your mood without being extravagant.

Avoid the mistakes

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A common mistake is not investing in good quality colors or paints. You will have to use proper brushes and colors that last a long time. While picking colors, always keep in mind the colors your neighbors have used. Go around the neighborhood and take notes of colors used on the exterior of other houses. Match your neighbors or else the property value of your home could go down. Remember that garage doors, AC machines and gutters can get accentuated by bright colors. Use muted colors to paint gutters and garage doors so they are in sync.

Landscaping will enhance the beauty and charm of the colors you use on the exteriors. For example if your house is surrounded by woodlands then the exteriors can be painted in earthy tones to match the surrounding. If you want to use pastel shades then plant green trees, flowering shrubs and trees.

Play safe

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If experimenting is not in your nature, then try to play safe. Pale gray is a safe option for the exteriors of a home in the suburbs. Velvet brown can make your home look more warm and inviting. Use a muted moss or sassy green color for trims. If the other houses in your locality are mostly white and you want a darker shade then settling for a mid tone is your best bate. Accentuate the darker color with bright white trims.

Three color theory

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Instead of two colors you should use three colors to make your home more attractive. One color should be dark, another one for trimmings and last one should be used on shutters and doors. All the colors should compliment each other well. Light brown or brick, dark brown and dark green work quite well together. But also use cream or off white.

The style and architecture of your home

 architecture of your home

The architecture of your home will play an important role in selecting colors for exteriors. Paint manufacturers offer colors to bring alive a historical architecture. You can choose colors which help in making your home’s architecture more prominent and likeable. Instead of using colors you can use natural stones and bricks for giving the exterior walls more structure and texture.

Choosing the exterior color scheme for your home is a tough task. Find colors which not just suit your house but also compliments the other houses in your neighborhood.

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