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How to build your own pixel trash can

A pixel trash can is a new and innovative way of making your regular trash can have a different look. Giving this pixel look to your trash can will be something modern and if you are keeping this trash can in any part of your house, it will also add a sle

Fun lighting ideas for your child’s playroom

When there are children in the house, the environment is filled with laughter, fights, interesting conversations and lots more. Kids are a blessing for every parent; they change our world…

Inexpensive Interior Options for New Landlords

When it comes to prospective tenants, there are generally speaking always more tenants searching for furnished lets than unfurnished ones. This is probably because a furnished let suits the lifestyle…

Minimalist design ideas for the house

Minimalist can refer to simplicity or effortlessness. When it comes to minimalist design, we can say that to make our home beautiful with lesser geometric form, simple materials and lesser…

Breathtaking furniture from vintage airplane parts

We can hardly assume what’s playing inside the minds of the designers. Take a look at the collection of furniture we have exhibited here. We are sure you will never be able to assume want went into its making. These wonder pieces are recycled species,

Basics to follow when choosing a color for your ceiling

When deciding to paint a room, most of us tend to miss out on the so called fifth wall. Aka the ceiling, the fifth wall of the room also opens…

6 Tips for sprucing up winter home décor with plants and flowers

Winter is a season that is associated with grey, somber tones. It is also the time of the year when we spend quite a lot of time indoors. While the…

Can you give me some good bathroom designs ideas?

I am designing my bathroom and I want to know what are the things that I will need in it. I want to paint it pink. Will it look good on the walls of bathroom? Can you give me some bathroom design ideas which I can implement in my bathroom and make it look

X-Ray Vase creates an optical effect while gripping senses

A vase is an essential item when it comes to decorating a place. Available in a multitude of silhouettes, these vases have the brilliance to spruce up any dull decor and help bring greenery inside. Rising above the classic shape is the X-Ray Vase, which c

What are some best bathrooms designs?

I am planning to build a home in Tennessee. I have created my own architecture plan for my home. But I am still confused about the design for the bathrooms. So, I want help from people who are expert in this field. Please give me some best bathroom design

Braided Rugs: 7 Most Beautiful

The braided rug was a staple in early Colonial American culture. Braiding is an extremely old yet versatile technique that has been modernized over recent decades to display its appeal and charm. Braided Rugs are a traditional part of American home décor

Spice up your home decor with statement mirrors

Mirrors with dramatic frames have been an established part of interior décor
schemes around the world for around 200 years now, though the trend of using
mirrors to create a focal point in rooms has only taken off in the last two
decades. Using mirrors t

QC Light Factory Launches Aura 55 Lighting Design

Designed by QC Light Factory, Aura 55 is a range of lighting options that have been awarded the title ‘Lights of the Future’ owing to their exemplary design and function.…

Employing the spring style to décor for bright home interiors

You hung dark colored and thick fabric curtains on windows throughout winters, to ensure winter chills do not affect the interior much. Now winter is gone and spring is on,…

Taking décor the geek way

Geek is the new chic. Not only the geek look is cool and alluring, it gives you an edge over the causal look. Every person will like to wear or…

Your quick guide to styles and design of Italian kitchens

Italian Kitchen design is very famous for its elegant style and warm and inviting themes. These modern styles of Italian kitchen pay great inclination to colors like gray brown black,…

Amazing décor ideas and lessons you can take from nature

Nature or natural setting is a source of inspiration for human beings, as it simply brings the joy and freshness to our life. Nature also teaches us many things about…

Things to know and do when installing a faux stone interior wall

A lot of us would opt for either paint or wall paper for our homes. However, another appealing option that is significantly less troublesome to clean and maintain is faux…