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7 Ways you can style a credenza to your taste

A credenza is a traditional cabinet designed specifically for the dining room. However, of late, these cabinets are finding their way into all the other rooms of the house, serving more purposes than just stacking up dishes. So if you are wondering what to do with that credenza in your home, take a look at these ideas.

Sideboard for the Dining Room

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If you are not the one to opt for lighted or mirrored cabinets, consider using a plain old credenza in their place. Not only would this enhance the rustic appeal of the kitchen, but it would also offer you extra space to cook and display food, not to forget storing your dishes with care.

TV Console

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A credenza would work great for a TV console. Its low height would enable you to enjoy optimal viewing experience. The presence of closed storage units would also make it easier for you to store all the necessary cords and accessories. Plus you don’t need to worry about all those pesky chords blocking your way. Of course, there is always some available space for the speakers as well.

Home Bar

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So what if you don’t have the budget to set up a high-end bar in your home? Simply reuse an old credenza for the same purpose. The cabinets can safely store away your bottles and glasses while the drink that is being served at the moment can sit at the top of the credenza along with a cocktail shaker and a nice serving tray.

Changing Table

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This one’s a real nifty idea. Sometimes it would be just too difficult tending to your little one while standing up. A low level credenza can offer you the comfort of kneeling or sitting down while changing your baby’s diaper. The top of the table can feature a changing space for the little one while the necessary supplies can be placed on the sides. The cabinets can also be used to store surplus supplies like nappies, powder, baby wipes, towels, and so on.


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A credenza can double as a beautiful authentic dresser for your bedroom. Simply hang a large mirror on the wall and place the credenza beneath it. Now place all your favorite makeup items on the top while stashing away the rest of the supplies inside the cabinets. You will absolutely love the charm the dresser lends to the room.

Corner Storage

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The good thing about a credenza is that it can be big and it can be small as well. A small credenza would be the perfect storage choice for those corners in your home where you desperately need a storage unit but can’t find one small enough. The low height of the credenza would also ensure that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the room and remains hidden from view.

Support for Focal Art

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At times, you may have an art work you want to display on a wall to create a focal point of interest. However, the artwork may not cover the entire wall and may stop awkwardly a few feet from the floor, thus looking rather bizarre. A great way to combat this situation would be to place a credenza right beneath the artwork. The credenza would double as a storage unit for the room and hide away the blank space, thus making the artwork look more complete and appealing.

Credenzas are becoming very popular in a lot of households today. These pointers will give you the basic idea of where to place the credenza in your home and how to enjoy its use better.