8 Effective Décor Tips to Bring the Stylish Elegance of Steampunk to Your Home

The Steampunk style is more related to the Victorian era when inventions and industrial elements were combined to achieve a rather strong, inspirational look. If you are trying to emulate the Steampunk look in your home,Dr Prem Jagyasi suggest some tips that could help you in the process.

  1. Choose Neutral Colors for the Décor

Neutral Colors for the Décor

The Steampunk look is all about muted colors that don’t scream out of their places. Some of the most common colors used in the Steampunk style include cream, black, sepia, brown, dark green and dark red, etc. In some cases, metallic colors also work well for a Steampunk inspired décor.

  1. Use Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished Furniture

The Steampunk look focuses on ancient Victorian age furniture for that quintessential Victorian look. However, if you are pressed for budget and cannot do with buying new furniture, consider opting for refurbished furniture instead. Steampunk interior design is inspired by anything that is old, allowing it to lend a traditional old age charm to the space.

  1. Use Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

One of the most important materials that define the Steampunk trend is leather. This elegant and ultra-comfortable material will elevate the Steampunk status of your home while offering you a luxurious seating option in the process of doing so.

  1. Opt for Textural Contrast

Textural Contrast

Steampunk interior design played heavily on styles that created the perfect blend between masculine and feminine elements. You can choose to use the same idea to create a textural contrast in your room. For instance, you can combine a soft material like lace (for the curtains) with a hard material like leather (for the furniture) to achieve the Steampunk look.

  1. Expose the Bricks on the Wall


The best way to showcase the Steampunk look in your home is to expose the brick walls. Exposed brick walls bring out the industrial look to perfection. If however, you are unable to expose the bricks, consider using wallpaper featuring the same design instead.

  1. Use Victorian Themed Wallpaper

Victorian Themed Wallpaper

If you are averse to the idea of exposed bricks or wallpapers depicting the same, choose some quaint Victorian themed wallpaper instead. Standard wallpapers featuring this era usually come with images depicting inventions and mechanical installations. Choose a wallpaper design that best reflects the look you are trying to achieve while still complementing the rest of the room décor.

  1. Decorate with Steampunk Inspired Art and Collectibles

Steampunk Inspired Art

In addition to all these interior design tips, you can choose to decorate the room with Steampunk inspired art and collectibles. This will enhance the look of your room, perfectly reflecting the design trend you wish to achieve.

Some elements of interest you can add to your room for the same purpose include sepia pictures, terrestrial globes, maps, classy Victorian style hats, Victorian sewing tables, gear wall clocks, and antique items like telescopes, typewriters and barometers, etc.

  1. Expose Details via Technical and Anatomical Drawings

décor of your two-bedroom apartment (5)

Sketches depicting technology and anatomy were very popular during the Victorian era. These sketches were also one of the main design trends followed in Steampunk inspired homes then. So look around in your collection for possible sketches of anything that resembles technology or anatomy or both. Frame these sketches and display them in the main hall along with all the other Steampunk inspired collectibles.

The classy interior design trend combined the inventions of the Victorian age with industrial elements to create a one of a kind look that is truly wondrous to behold.

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