8 Excellent ideas for decorating a room that has no windows

A room without a window can look pretty dark, dull and foreboding. Fortunately though, you don’t need to leave it that way. There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate a windowless room and make it bright and airy like any other room in the house. Here are 8 such tips that would help you transform the dull look of windowless room completely.

Camouflage with drapes


So what if you don’t have windows? Hide non-existent windows behind large drapes. Simply cover an entire portion of a wall with floor to ceiling drapes to give off the effect of a window hidden behind the flowing drapes.

Create a focal point

 Special artwork_1

A focal point can easily brighten the room and help one forget the lack of a window in it. Choose to paint a wall in a bright color and hang an artwork on it. Create a photo gallery, use wall decals, do anything that you can to divert attention to the walls and away from the thought of no windows.

Make use of mirrors

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Mirrors can come to your rescue in a windowless room. Simply hang a mirror on the wall and drape it with curtains to give an instant window look. In addition to faking a window to perfection, the mirror will also reflect light within the room, making it look brighter and roomier.

You can also choose to hang several mirrors on the walls for a more artistic approach to the same look. And don’t forget those metallic and reflective surfaces like mirrored decals which serve the same purpose as doubling as fake windows and space enhancers.

Choose proper lighting

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A windowless room can look brighter and roomier with the right choice of lighting. While daylight bulbs can light up a room softly without too much glare, hidden lighting options like lamps placed behind furniture and beams can help provide an indirect glow reminiscent to the light that enters via a window.

You can also experiment with under-cabinet lighting for very dark spaces like the basement, laundry room or even a windowless kitchen to provide some much needed brightness to these areas.

Use light colors

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A rule of the thumb when painting small rooms is to use light colors on walls. These light shades will help reflect the natural light streaming into the room, thus making the latter look bigger and brighter. The same can be said for a windowless room which needs to be painted in light colors to look bright and cheerful even in the absence of a window.

Opt for French doors

French doors

If you don’t have a window for the room, consider opting for French doors instead. These are doors that come with windows. In addition to offering the necessary window to your home, these French doors will help natural light stream in, making the space more spacious.

Choose transoms or internal windows

glass partition separate two adjacent rooms

Sometimes the best way to get a window into the room is to have a glass partition separate two adjacent rooms. This would let light from the first room filter into the second room, making the latter naturally bright. If you desire privacy, you can hang a curtain on the glass partition and simply pull it across when needed.

Consider ceiling exposures and skylights

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If you don’t have any way of adding a window to the walls, consider adding it on the ceiling instead. Ceiling exposures and skylights are all the rage these days with many households opting for them. There are many ways you can incorporate these ceiling windows in your home. While the standard design opts for a few glass openings on the ceiling placed at strategic locations across the room, the more adventurous options include substituting an entire portion of the roof with glass paneling or adding window panels to the flooring between two levels.

There is no need to worry about a windowless room. Using several tips and tricks like ceiling lights, drapes, internal windows and French doors, you can fake the appearance of windows in your home easily.

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