Portable furniture that can add more space to your home

Enter the world of portable and trendy furniture to get some extra room at your home. This kind of furniture is usually cheap too, how about trying it?

The corner cabinet

The corner cabinet

It is interesting to know that a cupboard can be portable too. By a piece of furniture like this, you will get the liberty to shift it to the room of your choice any day you wish too. Even better, the portable cabinet that we are talking about is specially designed for the corners. The corners that are often not used, now would be utilized, adding an extra storage space.

The corner cabinet is mounted on a tripod stand and the sides of the cabinet taper to fit in the corner. Another option is that you can mount the cabinet directly on the wall, thus getting space below the cabinet as well. To meet your storage needs the cabinet has three shelves inside. The doors of the cupboard are simple yet trendy.

The carry on stool

The carry on stool  2

This portable stool is available in a wide range of colors. These cute stools look like a small barrel with a wooden handle that could swivel on to the top and back on the side. They are very convenient to carry outdoors as well as inside an office or home. In an office, you can take your stool outside in the green area or in a meeting room.

At home, these could be carried into the patio from the living room. Fabric or leather is upholstered on cold foam on a wooden frame to make a carry on stool. The wooden handle of the stool is laminated and the floor plate is lacquered for protection from scratches. You can have a number of these portable stools in your home or office, which are stackable to create space.

Folding chair

folding chair by Monstrans

The folding chair by Monstrans is one of the coolest chairs that you may have ever come across. The chair is made from bamboo plywood and folds with the help of three hinges to be a single piece of plywood. This piece of furniture is quite space saving and keeping a number of these at home will help you save a lot of space, when the chairs are not in use.

The designer/s of the chair has used magnets to hold the pieces together when the chair is in the folded position. The backrest and the seat are padded for comfort. There are handles carved out on two sides of the board to make it easier in carrying. The chair winds up in five folds and there is a large hole in one of the pieces to hang the chair on a hook.

The amazing cardboard table

amazing cardboard table

This cardboard suitcase will open up to surprise you. Without the help of any tools, you will be able to assemble the cardboard pieces inside into a table. The entire setup is lightweight and easy to carry.

Assembling and dissembling the table takes a few minutes. Sruli Recht has designed this portable table using flat pack cardboard pieces. The furniture created like this is biodegradable and recyclable. The trend of using cardboard to make furniture is getting extremely popular.

Apart from the table we talked about, there are chairs, coffee tables, loungers, bookshelves, artifacts and even a bed made out of cardboard. To give it more appeal some designers have colored the surfaces of such furniture. Cardboard furniture is cheap, portable, foldable, sturdy and lightweight furniture.

Stack them or fold them to make space in your rooms, the portable furniture is easy to carry on the go.

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